The first leaves turn red, the temperatures drop and in the evening it gets darker more quickly: autumn is here. Here we have collected some tips so that you and your dog can go for a walk in autumn, relaxed and with fun.

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1Support Your Dog During the Fur Change

Dog hairs go through their life cycle in five phases. During the cold season from November to March, dogs are also particularly prone to hair loss such as seasonal flank alopecia.

Autumn is also the time of the change of coat. The change of hair puts a strain on your dog’s body. That is why a high-quality and balanced diet is especially important at this time of year. After all, your dog must be provided with all the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements necessary for the hair change. An increased supply of zinc and biotin supports the coat change. To cover the increased energy requirement, the feed ration should be slightly increased. By daily brushing and combing, loose hairs are removed. The skin can breathe better.

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2Security Through Good Visibility

Since it is getting dark faster and faster now, you and your dog will definitely go for a walk in the dark. Whether in the morning before breakfast or in the evening the last round, soon you will not be able to avoid the twilight. Therefore you and your dog should pay attention to good visibility. You can achieve this with reflectors on your clothes or on your dog’s harness, but also with light collars or small LED lights.

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3Proper Behavior in the Dark

In the dark, you should also pay more attention to other people in the city or on busy roads. Especially in the twilight, it can be difficult to be recognized. Therefore, you should be especially careful when you are driving around and assume that you are not seen well. Also, it is often better to keep your dog on a leash instead of letting him run free. In addition, you cannot see well in the dark whether another person or dog is coming towards you and may not call your dog back in time. For this reason, it is better to keep your dog on a leash. As a leash, especially if you use a long leash, you should definitely use a reflective leash or a neon-colored leash so that other people can see it too in time.

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Image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay

4Warm up Your Dog in Fall

It feels as if it was super hot just a moment ago, but autumn is slowly but surely bringing cooler temperatures. Especially at night, it gets very cold quickly. So now the time starts again, in which you have to take care that your dog does not get too cold. Most dogs have a coat that is thick enough for autumn.

But especially small and short-haired breeds start to freeze in the fall, even older dogs freeze faster. For them, it is recommended to get a light coat. Dogs that like to lie outside should be offered a mat on which they can lie outside so that the cold from the ground can’t harm them.

By the way, a raincoat that keeps the coat dry is also recommended for dogs with long fur, especially in autumn. This not only keeps the dog from freezing but also reduces the amount of dirt in the apartment.

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5Prevent Joint Pain at an Early Stage

If your dog is already older and suffers from arthrosis, the pain in the area of the joints can become worse in the autumn. Getting up becomes tedious, the movements are stiff at first. Some dogs shorten their walks. Make sure that your dog’s resting place is free of drafts. Administer Devil’s Claw in powder form with the food. Support your dog’s joint metabolism with chondroitin preparations.

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In consultation with the vet, you can also administer painkillers to old dogs. Have some laser or magnetic field treatments performed by your veterinarian. Deep heat therapy improves the blood circulation of the muscles and joints.

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6Parasites: Still a Danger Even in Fall

Even if it is getting cold slowly, you should still not be safe from parasites. Ticks and fleas are still active in autumn and desperately looking for a warm host. They especially like to hide on wild animals, which live for example in large piles of leaves. You should therefore still take precautions against parasites so that your dog can enjoy the autumn.

7Protect Your Dog From Cystitis

Do not leave your dog lying or sitting on the ground for long periods in cold, wet weather. He could catch cold or get a bladder infection.

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8Less Bathing in Fall

Through a bath, the hair follicles are released from the coat. The natural protection against cold is lost. In order to rebuild the hair fat on the whole body, the dog needs three days. At this time he should be protected by a warm coat after the bath.

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9Beware of Fallen Fruits and Chestnuts

In autumn, dogs find many delicious things during a walk. But not all are healthy.
Fallen fruit can ferment and contain alcohol.

Chestnuts contain toxins and cause injuries to the intestinal mucosa.

Walnuts can be attacked by molds that are not visible from the outside when they are moist.

Grapes and raisins can cause kidney damage. You should therefore take increased care to ensure that your dog does not eat unwanted substances unattended.

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10Start Paw Care Now

The pads of the paws should be maintained throughout the year to avoid cracks and rough spots. In autumn it is time to intensify the care. Clean your dog’s paws after every walk. Apply a natural paw balm once or twice a day. This will ensure that your dog’s paws are well prepared for the cold season.

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Tip: Paw Balm cares for the paw pads and also helps with calluses.

dog tips for fall season
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11Stay Safely in the Forest

In autumn the hunting season begins. The deer is increasingly on the way to build up fat reserves for the winter through increased food intake. Your dog will always discover new smells and tracks on walks in the wild. Make sure to secure your dog with a leash in deer areas. Avoid hunting grounds during a driven hunt.

dog tips for fall season
Image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay

12Despite Bad Weather no Boredom

When it slowly gets colder, occupational opportunities also decrease. The lake is too cold, there is not enough light for the evening frisbee game. Fortunately, there are enough alternatives for indoors and outdoors, so you won’t get bored. For example, you can challenge your dog’s sense of smell by scattering some treats in a meadow with leaves and letting them search for them. It’s amazing how well-directed our dogs can locate the treats. This way your dog will be fed and at the same time busy because sniffing is very exhausting. Besides, autumn is the time of clicking. If you don’t feel like long walks in the evening, you have the possibility to learn some great new tricks inside – best with Clicker. This is fun for both of you. And who knows, maybe you will come up with some useful things that your dog should always learn.

What are you doing with your dog in fall season? Leave your ideas in the comments below…


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