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first of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Solvi and I am the founder of DoggyKittyEverywhere.

I am a proud dog owner of an amazing Golden Retriever lady called Bella. I always had a dog at my side since childhood.

For me, a life without a dog would be far less fun and fulfilling. That's why I always want to give my darling only the best back.

For this reason I have started the project DoggyKittyEverywhere., to help many dog owners with easy to understand language and clear tips.

I advise and report honestly and independently. Always the focus on valuable tips for the dog owner.

I have no sponsor and finance ourselves only by the recommendations on this page.

I would like to help everyone who wants to strengthen the connection with their dog.

I firmly believe that everyone can have a great relationship with their dog and that we can give back a lot of love to our darling. I want to support you in this.

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An ice cube in a drink, an ice cream - we humans like to use frozen food to cool down a bit. It is not yet clear whether the body heats up more as a result. At least for a short time, a cool drink actually provides cooling. Why not offer your dog also this pleasure? However, there is a small drawback: Not every dog can tolerate half-frozen food or meat, which is why you should first test it out with a small amount. Here are 9 cooling foods for dogs to cool your dog down on hot summer days...
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The thermometer's rising, summer's finally here. Humans are happy about the wonderful summer weather. But think also of your four-legged friend. After all, dogs have considerably fewer possibilities to regulate their temperature balance, such as panting than humans who sweat a lot. Read about 6 amazing products that will help your dog keep a cool head and stay relaxed even in high temperatures.
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5 Best Dog Water Toys Simply Must Have This Summer

Most dogs are enthusiastic about water. They fetch sticks and dog water toys from the cool water without any shyness. For them, dog water toys offer many entertainment possibilities. There are also those dogs who are afraid of the water. Water toys can motivate them to go into the water. This article will help you finding the right dog water toy this summer.

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