When temperatures rise in summer, dogs are thankful for a cool break. Owners of an own garden can fall back thereby on a dog pool. In contrast to the paddling pool for children, pools for dogs are more robust and more tailored to the needs of the dogs.

Since dogs cannot sweat over the skin, a cooling of the body temperature by water is ideal to keep the circulation of your in circulation. And dog pools are fun anyway.


If the thermometer climbs to peak temperatures, humans can get rid of their clothes or simply take a cold shower to cool off. Dogs, on the other hand, cannot take off their fur. Only looking for shady places in the garden promises some relief. An ideal and inexpensive way to cool your dog down is a dog swimming pool.

We have put all our knowledge about the best dog pool choices into this article. Have fun reading!

Our Top Picks

frontpet foldable dog pool

FrontPet Foldable Large Dog Pool

Jasonwell dog pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Bath Pool

intex dog pool recangular

Intex RectangularFrame Ground Pool


One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Dog Pool

Petsfit Dog Pool

Petsfit Leakproof Portable Dog Pool

Many dogs love water. However, the next river, the next lake or even the sea is not always quickly accessible. Much better it is nevertheless if the dog is offered a possibility directly at home to provide itself independently the desired and urgently needed cooling.

The Most Important Things About Dog Friendly Pools In a Nutshell

  • Dog pools are for fun and cooling of the dog on hot summer days.
  • There are inflatable dog swimming pools and dog pools without air filling.
  • The size of a dog pool can vary widely but should be based on the size of the dog and the desired benefit.

Top 6 Best Dog Pool Choices

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frontpet foldable dog pool

Fight the heat this summer with the Front Pet Dog Pool!

Does your dog love being outside? FrontPet wants to make these hot summer days more pleasant for your dog!

This is not a standard off-the-shelf plastic baby pool. This dog friendly pool is specially designed for dogs and is designed for a long life!

You can rest assured that the pool will not tear or leak while you watch your puppy bathe and jump into the water!

The pool is 12″ deep and has a diameter of 50″, so even large dogs can fit in well and cool down. Even a large dog can sit, stand or lie in this pool! This dog pool is portable and can easily be taken along. When the pool is empty and dry, fold and pack it up. It’s that simple!

The construction and dismantling of the pool are fast and uncomplicated. When setting up the pool, simply make sure that the drain plug is closed. Then place a running garden hose in the basin and let water into the desired depth.

When your dog friend has finished playing, or when the water gets dirty and the pool water needs to be changed, simply open the drain plug and let the water out.

Note: If you are using the pool on a hard surface, it is best to place a durable flooring material, such as a tarpaulin, underneath to provide additional protection for the pool.

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Jasonwell dog pool

This pool is very durable and withstands large and small dogs. You can also buy this pool in five sizes S-32″ x 8″, M-39.5″ x 12″, L-48″ x 12″, XL-55.1″ x 12″ and XXL-63″x 12″.

Made from environmentally friendly materials, this pool option does not require inflation. This means there is no risk of the pool bursting. If you keep your dog’s nails trimmed, the pool will certainly not tear.

All you have to do is unfold the dog swimming pool, fill it with water, and when your puppy has finished playing, drain the water through the bottom side drain.

The bottom of this pool is extra thick and non-slip. This really makes a BIG difference, especially if you have an older dog or a dog that is insecure on its feet.

This dog friendly pool is really easy to use. It takes seconds to set it up and finally repack it. It’s also really great to store.

This pool cannot be recommended for “Leaners”, as the side walls can be pushed outwards with sufficient force.

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Petsfit Dog Pool

A heavy coated wire frame and a high quality, waterproof Oxford nylon fabric ensure that the Petsfit Leak-proof Fabric Dog Pool offers a great bathing time. It is large enough to accommodate a single large dog or several smaller dogs and puppies. The side drain is also easy to use.

The pool is made of materials that are 100% durable and long-lasting. The pool can also be easily folded into a package for easy transport. This pool is great to store and pack away or take to another place.

The Oxford nylon fabric ensures that the dog swimming pool stays in place even when used by a large dog – that makes it so unique. Normally, collapsible pools are not good for heavy dogs and tend to bend or turn upside down. But with the sturdy frame this product offers, it is not only suitable for dogs of all sizes but also good enough for splashing around.

The company is proud of the strong construction of this pool and guarantees that the pool will not deform or restrict movement. The design also allows maximum use of space. The material is scratch and weather resistant.

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intex dog pool recangular

With the Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool, you get an above ground pool for the price of a large paddling pool. This pool is really big. All you have to do is find a way to get your dog into the water – we recommend a ramp or something similar. This will prevent your big dogs from straining the side of the pool when they come in. If you have enough space in your yard or garden, this pool is really fantastic!

The Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool has a strong powder coated steel frame and the side walls are laminated to withstand heavy loads. The lining of this pool is really very strong so the pool cannot be easily destroyed by dog feet. This pool is easy to set up and fill so that it can be filled within 30 minutes.

Especially the size of this pool is remarkable. This dog friendly pool is highly recommended for really large dogs. A pool in this size and with a really stable design can rarely be found at this price. Another great selling point for this is the large drain plug, which you can actually attach to your hose, and thus get the pool quickly really empty.

However, this pool is not suitable for the front garden, as it would be much too large for this. Unfortunately, the pool does not have a dog-friendly entrance, so for real bathing pleasure, a dog ramp should be used.

This pool is really recommended for those who have difficulties to find the right dog pool for a huge dog.

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A good choice for owners of toy breeds and smaller dogs, unfortunately, this cute pool is currently only available in one size, sorry, all medium and large breeds!

An enchantingly shaped pool that looks beautiful in your garden or dog daycare – the paw shape also means there are plenty of corners and edges – making finding toys even more exciting!

Made from incredibly tough materials – the same as those used to line loading areas! This dog swimming pool is chewing and UV resistant, which means you can leave it in the sun, and hopefully your naughty puppy – even if he’s going through the initial stages – shouldn’t do too much damage.

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QBLEEV Dog Pool Bathtub

The QBLEEV dog pool bathtub is a great alternative to the real dog pool for owners of toy breeds and smaller dogs.

Well manufactured with high-quality Oxford fabric and PVC, it is solid, dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

The QBLEEV dog pool bathtub has a large diameter and corresponding capacity with thickened, waterproof coating, perfect for bathing dogs who want to have fun!

This amazing bathtub is of high quality, the double material structure makes it very solid. It is waterproof and durable. The pool is collapsible and easy to transport. So you can take the pool and your dog everywhere with you.

Characteristics of a Good Dog Swiming Pool

  • Robust material
  • Firm stand and slip resistance
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to stow

Dog claws demand a lot from the material. Therefore, you should make sure that the material you choose is resistant and robust. The good old PVC cover has proved to be particularly suitable.

A stable position is also reasonable and can be achieved by additional fixing options. It is a big advantage if the interior is non-slip. In the description of your dog pool, pay attention to features like anti-slip layer or roughened surface.

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Furthermore, the pool should be easy to assemble and break up and be easy to store after the season or when not in use. Your dog swimming pool should have a drain valve to drain water. Cleaning in between is especially easy if the pool has no wrinkles in the corners and can be sprayed with the water hose without damaging the material.

There are foldable dog friendy pools and rigid plastic pools. While the foldable pools can be stowed more compactly when not in use, the cast plastic pools are slightly more stable. Personal taste is the deciding factor here.

Last but not least, the right size needs to be clarified in advance. This is determined by the available space for the construction and the size of the dog.

Best Dog Pool Choices: For Puppies

Especially in the forming phase of a puppy, it is important to make him familiar with his environment in the best possible way. Apart from the refreshing effect of a summer bath, a dog pool for puppies can help to ensure that the puppy is not afraid of water later on.

Best Dog Pool Choices: For Small Dogs

The selection of paddling pools for small dogs is large. Similar to the pools for puppies it is also true here: do not buy too big. The pool is ideal when the small dog can get in and out of the pool independently and the water is only filled so high that the dog can still stand comfortably in it.

Best Dog Pool Choices: For Large Dogs

XXL dog pools for large dogs usually have a diameter of 30” and a height of approx. 12”. The FontPet Foldable Dog Pool will certainly stand out here. The model is built in no time at all and can be assembled and disassembled in a few seconds without an air pump and stowed away in a space-saving manner.

Of course, large dogs cannot swim in this dog pool, but it is definitely enough for a cool refreshment.

Filling the Dog Swimming Pool

The only thing that belongs to your dog pool is water. Chemicals, shampoo or chlorine have no place in the dog pool and do more damage than they use. If you think the water is too dirty to splash, you can simply change it.

Setting Up the Dog Pool

The correct location for your dog pool should be as follows:

  • A shady spot
  • A soft and level surface, ideally a lawn
  • Sufficient distance to shrubs and trees

A soft surface increases the life of your paddling pool many times over. If the pool is standing on asphalt or concrete, the friction caused by movement can quickly fatigue the material. When setting up the dog friendly pool, make sure that there are no branches or small stones under the paddling pool. If you don’t have a level lawn, you can place a blanket between the ground and the pool to reduce friction.

Keep Your Hands Away From Bathing Shells and Children’s Pools

If you want to buy a dog pool, don’t consider a children’s pool. On the one hand, these do not withstand the additional strain of the paws, on the other hand, they rarely have a non-slip surface. A dog that jumps with enthusiasm and from a full run into his pool slips at worst and breaks the bones or the children’s pool is irreparably destroyed. This is especially true for inflatable toys and pools that are not explicitly designed for dogs.

frontpet foldable dog pool

FrontPet Foldable Large Dog Pool

Jasonwell dog pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Bath Pool

intex dog pool recangular

Intex RectangularFrame Ground Pool


One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Dog Pool

Petsfit Dog Pool

Petsfit Leakproof Portable Dog Pool

Q & A: The Most Important Questions And Answers

What Is a Dog Swimming Pool and What Is It For?

The name already says what a dog pool is meant for. Namely for the swimming fun of dogs. The dog pool partly looks very similar to a paddling pool. However, no chlorine is added to the water in a dog pool and the pool is also made of tear-resistant material.

The dog pool should serve the cooling down and the fun of the dog. If you’re a proud dog pool owner, you do not have to drive to a lake in heat. Because the paddling and swimming pool for the dog can be set up in your own garden.

Since many places with bathing facilities do not tolerate dogs or have broken fragments on the ground, these circumstances can be avoided with a dog pool.

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Last but not least, a dog pool can be cleaned well and you don’t have to be afraid of dirt. So you can also see the underground of the dog pool and there is no reason to worry that your beloved pooch might get entangled with water plants.

Many dogs love water and have a lot of fun with a dog pool!

Which Dog Breeds Benefit the Most From a Dog Friendly Pool

There is no dog breed benefiting more than others. It depends always also individually on the preferences of the dog. In addition, you can really do sports with and really let off steam with the dog.

Of course, Labradors or shepherd dogs, as well as Portuguese water dogs are known for their love of water. Also, many crossbreeds can hardly be kept away from the water.

However one notices as a dog owner fast whether the own four-legged friend has an affinity for swimming and splashing, or is rather skeptical. Some dogs don’t even like to go near the water, walk in the rain or stand in a puddle.

If dogs show such skepticism towards the water, the purchase of a dog pool is not recommended. However, this is only the case for very few dogs.

Because also dogs, even those who are afraid of water, will accept the cooling down on a hot summer day thankfully.

Where Do I Set Up the Dog Pool?

It depends very much on the type and size of the dog swimming pool where it can be set up. However, any dog pool can be placed in a larger garden.

It is much more difficult to set up a dog pool on a balcony. Of course, it depends on the size of the balcony, but inflatable dog pools are best for this because they are usually smaller.

Inflatable dog pools can also be folded and stowed when needed. Therefore they do not need so much space.

There are also larger dog pools, which are intended for swimming exclusively for the dog. These are quite large pools, which in some cases are even bricked into the ground. Such pools come very close to the usual pool and the garden has to offer a lot of space.

Where Can I Buy a Dog Pool?

Dog pools can be bought in specialist shops, wholesalers, DIY stores or online.

What Are Alternatives to a Dog Pool?

There are not many alternatives to cooling the dog. Of course, you can always go to the nearest lake or to the ocean.

A garden hose can also be used to cool the dog down a bit. However, it must be very warm and not every dog has fun with it.

What Kind of Dog Pools Are There and Which One is Right for You?

Dog pools can be bought in different shapes, colors, and sizes. However, there are two main types:

  • Inflatable dog swimming pools
  • Dog swimming pool without air filling

These two types differ in many aspects.

Everything About Inflatable Dog Pools – Advantages and Disadvantages

As the name suggests, inflatable dog friendly pools can be filled with air so they can be easily removed and stored folded and even be taken on holiday.

Therefore, inflatable dog pools take up less space. They are also smaller than those without air filling and can therefore also be placed on a balcony.

As these dog pools are rather small – but the sizes vary – they are sometimes too small for larger dogs. Even for small dogs, inflatable dog pools are only for splashing around as they are too small to swim.

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Inflatable dog pools are made of soft plastic such as PVC and are therefore extremely robust and tearproof. So the dogs with their paws and claws can easily touch walls and floor and play wild in it without damaging the plastic.

In the following the most important advantages and disadvantages are listed again:

Very robust and tearproofPartly too small for big dogs
Can easily be folded togetherUsed exclusively for planning
Can also be placed on smaller balconiesMust be inflated with some effort

Everything About Dog Pool without Air Filling – Advantages and Disadvantages

Pools without air filling do not have to be inflated with air but always keep the same shape – often in the desired shape such as a bone.

Such dog pools are made of hard plastic and are also very robust and strong. It is practically impossible for dogs to damage the material with their claws.

However, some dog pools without air filling have a slippery surface which can cause dogs to slip when playing.

Often, however, hard dog swimming pools are not only for playing, but also for swimming. Because these dog pools are bigger and offer also bigger dogs a lot of space.

Dog pools without air filling take up a lot of space. They also cannot be stored well, even less transported.

Also here the most important advantages and disadvantages are listed again:

Very robust and strongCan be slippery
Depending on the size, dogs can also swim in it.Cannot be folded and stowed away
Also suitable for larger dogsNeed a lot of space

Best Dog Pool Choices Checklist: Evaluate and Compare Dog Pools Based on These Criteria

To find the optimal dog pool for you and your pooch, certain criteria should be considered.

The following list gives an overview of the most important criteria to consider:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Preferred use
  • Shape
  • Additional equipment

In the following sections, the relevant criteria will be discussed in more detail. So you are guaranteed to find a suitable dog pool.

Best Dog Pool Choices: Size

The decisive criterion when buying a dog pool is the size of your dog because the size of the dog pool should be based on this.

The dog should be able to lie in the dog pool without any problems.

best dog pool

Dogs that are too big will feel uncomfortable in a small dog pool and will not be able to sit down or lie down well.

On the other hand, small dogs should not be placed in a dog pool that is too large if they cannot get out on their own.

The following table gives an overview of the size of the dog pool and the suitable breed:

Dogs Pool DiameterDogs Pool Size Examples of Possible Breeds
30”-40”SmallChihuahua, Dachshund, Pug
40”-55”MediumPoodle, Podenco, Cocker Spaniel
Larger than 55”LargeLabrador, Shepherd, Golden Retriever

Tip: You can also take great underwater photos of your four-legged friend in your own dog pool, but that is only possible if it is big enough.

Best Dog Pool Choices: Material

Plastic offers the best material for a dog pool because it is very sturdy and robust. Especially when the dog pool can be inflated, the material has to withstand high loads.

If possible, the floor should be covered with an extra thick layer to prevent slipping. If the dogs slip while playing, this can lead to injuries.

The floor of the pool should be more robust by an additional layer so that the dogs do not damage the pool by their claws and destroy it.

Best Dog Pool Choices: Preferred Use

Dog pools can be used for different purposes depending on their size. Be clear about what you want the pool to be used for, as long as the available space is not a problem.

The main purpose of the dog pool is to provide fun and enjoyment for the dog by allowing to play, splash around, sit down and lie down.

However, if the dog is to be able to swim in the pool, it needs – as already described above – a larger pool. If a dog has joint problems or needs to move gently for other health reasons, large swimming dog pools offer an excellent therapy option.

Swimming is a gentle training for a dog and can also help with health problems!

Best Dog Pool Choices: Different Shapes

The form of the dog pool does not affect the benefit. It is more a question of the visual appearance, as well as the available space.

So there are inflatable dog pools, which can be either round or angular. Dog pools without air filling are also available in more original shapes, such as a bone shape.

Your Choice is determined by your personal preference!

Best Dog Pool Choices: Additional Equipment

Some dog pools are available with additional equipment. The importance of individual accessories has to be decided individually and depends on your budget.

For example, a pump can be purchased to simplify inflation.

On the other hand, there are dog pools with integrated drain valves for the water to make it quicker and easier to drain. For very large pools this can make sense but is not necessary for smaller pools.

If a very large, high dog pool is purchased, a ramp can also be purchased so that the dog can get in and out without any problems.

Skamper Ramp

If you want your dog to get on and off safely and comfortably in a real swimming pool with a raised entrance, the Skamper Ramp is just the right addition to your dog bath. Similar to a dog ramp for the car, the Skamper Ramp offers the safe bridging of heights in the water. For flat swimming pools, the Skamper Ramp is certainly a bit oversized. But for real pools, the lightweight plastic piece is ideal for giving dogs an exit.

Covers and foils over the dog pool are recommended to protect the water and the pool.

Intex Round Easy Set Pool Cover

If you have decided on a Doggy Pool, the purchase of a cover is a useful accessory for your dog pool. If you consider the dimensions, the cover will also fit on other dog paddling pools. The cover is especially helpful if you want to leave your dogs unattended in the garden.

This way you can prevent the dogs from splashing around without your presence and also the dirt formation is reduced.

If a dog pool is set up for a long time, the purchase of a cover is recommended. The cover supports the dog pool from bad weather and dirt.

How Do I Get My Dog Accustomed to the Dog Pool?

In principle, the dog does not have to get used to the dog pool, but instead the dog has to get used to the water and possibly to swimming.

There are generally different ways to teach the dog to swim and splash because theoretically, all dogs can swim.

Another dog is recommended, if possible even the best buddy of the own dog. If this dog is already very familiar with the element of water, it is very likely that your dog will simply learn to swim from his buddy.

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Tasty treats and balls also serve to teach the dog how to play in the water – and possibly how to swim.

If previous attempts have failed, it can also help to go into the water with your dog.

And sometimes it helps to put on a life jacket for the dog. This provides the dog – and often also the owner – with safety.

The following video shows helpful ways to get a dog used to water:

So there are countless possibilities of how the dog is accustomed to the dog pool, respectively the water. Which strategy works now simply has to be tried out. The dog may never be pushed simply into the water because so the dog could get into a panic, out of fear the dog could not move anymore and will drown.

How is a Dog Pool Cleaned?

Cleaning a dog pool is relatively easy, but must be done daily during the hot months.

It is best to empty the dog pool in the evening, clean it with a sponge and spray it. Afterwards, it should be dried a little and left empty overnight.

In the morning the dog pool can be filled again with water. If the dog pool is not needed immediately, covers are suitable to keep the water clean.

frontpet foldable dog pool

FrontPet Foldable Large Dog Pool

Jasonwell dog pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Bath Pool

intex dog pool recangular

Intex RectangularFrame Ground Pool


One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Dog Pool

Petsfit Dog Pool

Petsfit Leakproof Portable Dog Pool

Conclusion: Is a Dog Swimming Pool Worth It?

A dog pool is worth it in any case! The purchase is especially recommended for owners who have already observed the preference for water of their animal friend. Usually, it doesn’t take much time to get used to swimming so you can enjoy summertime together with your dog. As a long-term investment, it is important to pay attention to material quality and a suitable design. When well considered, nothing can go wrong!

best dog pool


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