Finding the right dog treats for your dog’s education is important if you want to work with positive reinforcement. Which treats are best for dog training? Find out what you should know about your dog’s size, nutritional composition, and preferences!

Dog treats are an important part of dog training because they belong to the most important positive boosters next to the reward through play. Dog treats are perfectly suited to motivate the dog – but you have to find out the best dog treat for your dog to strengthen the motivation. This depends on the type of dog treat and the taste of the individual dog.

Our Choices for Best Dog Treats for Training

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Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Training Dog Treats CHECK PRIZE
Bil-Jac Little Jacs Small Dog Treat CHECK PRIZE
Wellness Natural Wellbites Soft Dog Treats CHECK PRIZE
Natural Balance Mini Rewards Dog Treats CHECK PRIZE
Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats CHECK PRIZE

Best Treats For Dog Training

Read on for the full scoop, plus reviews.

1. Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Training Dog Treats

BLUE Bits are dog training treats that are soft, moist and extremely tasty. Perfect for training and perfect for treating, BLUE Bits are a healthy and nutritious reward that your dog will love. Each meaty morsel is loaded with good stuff like:

  • Beef
  • A high-quality protein source
  • DHA
  • To help support cognitive development in puppies
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids
  • To help promote healthy skin and coat

BLUE Bits are made with healthy and delicious ingredients and don’t contain any chicken (or poultry) by-product meals.

Why We Like Them – Blue is a well-known brand that always provides some of the healthiest foods for your dog. These treats contain DHA, which helps your dog learn tricks and training at a much quicker rate.


2. Bil-Jac Little Jacs Small Dog Treat

If you want to buy some dog treats with a trustworthy, well-known brand, check out the Bil-jac Little-jacs training treats. This company has existed since 1947, and they have perfected the treats of training in many ways. From size to ingredients, Bil-jac has put together some of the best training treats for your dog.

Training dogs of any size require a lot of dog products and treats. Feeding your dog a bunch of milk bones or other larger treats can make him sick or worse. These small puppy bites can also cause unwanted weight gain, muscle growth (if no protein is given) and energy loss. With these smaller, high-protein treats, you can reward your pet many times without causing these side effects.

Why We Like Them – These chicken recipe dog treats avoid artificial flavors, colors, and fillers. This makes them 100% natural and perfect to improve your dog’s overall health. For small dog breeds, these small dog treats are perfect.


3. Wellness Natural Wellbites Soft Dog Treats

Wellness is a family-owned company, raising the bar in pet food by using the finest natural ingredients and quality standards to create delicious recipes your pets will crave.

Grain Free WellBites feature a unique blend of healthy ingredients like lamb, salmon, apples, sweet potatoes and blueberries in a tasty, nutritious treat.

Do you want to show your dog extra love with a treat that is as healthy and wholesome as it is tasty? Grain Free WellBites blend together fresh meat, fruits & veggies to provide a craveable treat training, treating or just plain spoiling!

Why We Like Them – Omega fats are necessary for brain development and for proper heart functioning. Feeding your dog these puppy bites is a great way to introduce omega fats into their diet.


4. Natural Balance Mini Rewards Dog Treats

Natural Balance Mini Reward Dog Treats have Less Than 5 Calories Per Treat. A great way to reward your dog while helping them stay healthy and trim. These Mini-Rewards are made with high-quality chicken as the first ingredient for a taste that keeps tails wagging! Puppies, adults, and senior dogs can all enjoy these delicious, nutritious semi-moist dog snacks.

Natural Balance creates premium dog and cat foods based on sound nutritional science since 1989. 9 safety tests on every batch of food and treats were made. So you can always be confident that what you’re feeding your pet is safe.

Why We Like Them: This is a favorite for adult dogs, and especially for dogs who tend to overeat. For instance, shelter dogs or an adult dog who has previously been neglected/abused hasn’t always learned to limit his food intake. You can give them plenty of the Mini Rewards, however, without worrying about calorie intake.


5. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Training is one of the biggest adventures you and your dog will set off on together. And with the right treat, you can keep each and every moment healthy and deliciously fun. At less than 3 calories per treat, Zuke’s Mini Naturals are the perfect little size to fit every trainable moment that pops up. These tasty, tender morsels are specially crafted in the USA using the Earth’s best ingredients – like protein-rich meat, wholefood berries, savory herbs, and NO corn, wheat or soy.

Why we like them: Using real protein as the first ingredient in your dog’s treats is an excellent choice. Zuke’s Mini Naturals healthy moist training treats are some of our favorite treats and allow you to choose between different protein sources so you can decide what’s best for your dog. The peanut butter ingredient is also very popular with dogs!


What treats for dog training – what should you pay attention to!

Dog Food Secrets

There are several points you should pay attention to when choosing your reward for training your dog:

1Your Dog’s Favorite Dog treats

It is obvious that dogs are more motivated to work for a food reward that tastes good than for less tasty dog food. Each dog has individual preferences about what it likes. For example, some dogs like carrots, others don’t like them at all.

A recent study found that dogs ran faster for a higher quality treat (sausage) than for lower quality (dry food). Interestingly, the number of feed pieces had no influence on the running speed.

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Tip: So you should find out what your dog most likes (more about this at the end of this article “Which treats for dog training”). Large pieces are not necessary to motivate your dog even more – pull even small pieces of food!

2The perfect matching treats for the dog training lesson

Some types of food go better with some exercises than others. For example, in obedience exercises, the dog owner should give the dog many small handy treats quickly as a reward. Do not use large, unwieldy food pieces. When calling back, the dog treat can also be bigger. It should be something particularly tasty, since coming back is an exercise that should always work 100%. This works best when the reward is also extremely good. So add something that you never get anywhere else, a higher reward, like a piece of tripe.

Food can also be used as a way of encouragement, for example, to put on a harness or muzzle. With food that the dog can lick (liver treat dog paste is particularly suitable for this), the dog can be lured into the correct position. You can also use a refillable food tube and fill it to your dog’s taste.

Tip: As a homemade recipe you can use cottage cheese mixed with tuna fish, which is brought to the desired consistency with water. Frozen, you can also store it immediately.

Food can of course also help if the dog needs to be distracted from something (e.g. other dogs etc.) and no training session takes place. So you should consider the exercise when choosing the right dog treat for training your dog.

3Variety with the dog reward

For many dogs, variety in the treats is the right answer to the question “Which treats for dog training?” Every dog has his own preferences, what he likes and dislikes. Some dogs always like the same dog treat the most, others appreciate a variety on the menu. If your dog is bored with one type of reward bite, changing to another can help.

Tip: Make sure there’s variety in the treat bag and take a variety of popular treats with you. So you can vary with the reward if he has done something very well or adapt the food to the exercises.

4Requirements From the Dog: Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Some dogs only tolerate special food. In the case of dogs with an allergy to food, the tolerability of the treats should also be taken into account. The feed manufacturers of special food for dogs often offer allergy-friendly treats in addition to dry food. This allows a distinction to be made in the reward and thus provides additional motivation.

5Ingredients – feed requirement per day!

When you buy treats, pay attention to the ingredients. Since dogs, unlike cats, can also taste the sweetness contained, sugar is often used from flavor sources. Sugar also keeps moisture in the food.

Tip: The number of treats should not account for more than 10% of the daily energy requirement. If you follow the feeding recommendations of the treat packs, it would usually exceed this recommendation by far. Therefore, make sure that the feed ration is shortened by the number of treats. The danger of the dog becoming overweight is otherwise very high.

Homemade Dog Training Treats

Roasted Chicken Breast

Give your dog roasted chicken breast as dog treats, so you know exactly what you feed your dog. You portion the treat pieces into the right size yourself. Of course, there is more effort involved with home-cooked treats than with industrial treats.


The big advantage of tripe is that they stink extremely and therefore dogs love them most of the time. They can also be easily portioned into small pieces. So the training can take a little longer. Some tripe consists of beef, others of other animal species, which are easier to shred. Study the ingredient list so you know what is contained and whether your requirements and those of your dog fit.

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Dried Sardines

Dogs seem to find dried sardines very tasty. These can also be halved very easily, making the treats smaller and more suitable for training. Have you ever served these treats to your dog?

Dried meat

If you want to buy your dog a healthy treat, dried meat is a good idea. You can also cut it into small dog-friendly treats so that you can keep them longer during training.

Preference list of dog treats for your dog

If you want to find out which treats your dog likes the most, see how eagerly he devours them. Or just do a preference test and give your dog a choice:

Just place two bowls next to each other and give them both a piece of reward. Then let your dog go and watch which bowl he eats empty first. The reward that your dog eats first is his first choice and therefore his favorite treat. The preference test is also used in scientific studies.

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In order to get a clear evaluation, you have to do several rounds, just like in the real studies, to get a clear result. It may take a while for your dog to understand the new “game”.

Be sure to use bowls for the treats, not your hands, because in normal life you always prefer one hand for the treat and your dog will eat out of that hand. You should also offer the bowls with the respective type of treat on the left and right. Many dogs prefer to go in one direction and this would falsify your results.

Also, try not to influence your dog with voice or body language. Dogs are very fine observers and can already react to your gaze and see it as an invitation to go there. If you do this with many different treats, you can create your own list of your dog’s favorite treats. This can be a valuable help for your dog training because it gives you a clear answer to the question: “Which treats for dog training?” for your dog!

Which treats does your dog particularly like during training? Just write in the comments which dog treats your dog particularly likes during dog training.

Do you have any tips about best treats for dog training? Let us know your favorites!


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