Every dog owner is faced with this decision when deciding on an industrially produced dog food: Wet or dry food – what is best for my dog?


Dog food can do much more than just feed a dog. The right dog food is the be-all and end-all for your dog’s health.

Dog Food Secrets

Especially new dog owners have to find the right dog food for their four-legged friend. With the large selection of different types of dog food, it is not always easy to keep track.

What are the advantages of feeding wet puppy food?

Wet food has a big advantage: it is very tasty! This is due to the juicy consistency of the meat on the one hand and the high water content on the other. This juicy consistency is particularly helpful if you have to add medicine to your dog. In addition, the high water content has the advantage that your dog already consumes some water.

However, the amount of water in wet food is not sufficient in any case, to cover all your dog’s needs. Therefore always provide your four-legged friend with fresh drinking water. Especially for older and sick dogs, which have problems to chew, wet food has great advantages. The wet food hardly needs to be chewed.

What are the disadvantages of wet food?

Wet food has not only advantages but also some disadvantages. Wet food is often referred to as canned food. To keep the wet food in the can, manufacturers usually have to use artificial preservatives, sugar or humectants. Otherwise, the quality will suffer.

Due to the high water content, you as a dog owner have to feed much more to cover your dog’s energy requirements. The increased feeding quantity is clearly reflected in the price.

You have to buy many more cans or bowls to get the desired energy supply. The many doses are not only more expensive, but they are also difficult to store.

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Be careful. The juicy consistency of the meat does not promote tooth abrasion, which in turn can promote the risk of tartar and bad breath. The tartar can form more easily because the chewing activity is not supported and your four-legged friend can virtually loop the wet food.

Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet food

Advantages dry food Disadvantages of dry food Advantages of wet food Disadvantages of wet food
Long shelf life Not as juicy as wet food. Very tasty, because of the juicy sauce Is often not a complete food, so your dog is not fully nourished
no artificial preservatives required In case of incorrect storage, danger of mold and mites High water content, especially for dogs that drink too little Often contains artificial preservatives and sugar
Cheaper than wet food Some dried food contains cereals which are considered to be of lower quality (e.g. wheat). Very helpful for administering medication Difficult to store because many cans have to be bought
Simple portioning, due to the croquettes     Opened cans can only be kept for a few days in the refrigerator
Increases your dog’s chewing activity     Wet food should not be fed cool, otherwise, the dog gets abdominal pain
Minimization of tartar risk     A lot of garbage is produced by several cans and bowls
Reduced feeding amount to meet your dog’s energy needs     Wet food is significantly more expensive than dry food
Environmentally friendly, as little waste is produced      
The bags are to be stored well      
Hygienic food, germs are killed by heating      


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Puppies love being spoiled with their favorite meals. That’s why CESAR CANINE CUISINE Dog Food With Chicken and Beef, all in one delectable dish, makes every meal a special occasion for your small puppy. Each CESAR Puppy Food variety is fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your growing dog. The CESAR Brand makes mealtime easy by serving our gourmet wet food in convenient trays with no-fuss, peel-away freshness seals. CESAR CANINE CUISINE Wet Dog Food also uses quality ingredients formulated to meet nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for growth.



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  • PEDIGREE Puppy Food is formulated with DHA to help support brain development
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  • Hearty, meaty recipes provide a soft texture for flavor and variety

Formulated with DHA to help support brain development. PEDIGREE Puppy Chopped Ground Dinner With Chicken & Beef Wet Dog Food is a meaty recipe specially prepared for growing dogs. Made with real chicken and beef, your furry friend will enjoy this PEDIGREE Dog Food, made with optimal levels of oil and minerals to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. PEDIGREE Puppy Formulas are a great-tasting way to give your new pup the nutrition they deserve.

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  • #1 ingredient is deboned chicken
  • Grain-Free nutrition with no gluten ingredients for easier digestibility
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  • Cooked in the USA.

Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain Free Dog Food is specially formulated to meet the particular dietary needs of small breed dogs. Merrick Lil’ Plates Wet Dog Food recipes start with real meat, fish or poultry as the first ingredient for a high-protein meal, and include farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas and more.

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The advantages of durability, price, and tolerability are very convincing and speak for the use of dry food. Of course, wet food is of special importance if you have to give medications to your four-legged friend. In such special cases, you can fall back gladly on a wet food. In general, it is important that your four-legged friend is fully fed.

Dog Food Secrets

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