The gaze is rigid, the body tense, the tail concentrated, slowly it sneaks on – always the sheep firmly in sight. On a whistle, he turns, runs a large bow to lie down on another whistle. The concentration is never lost – the gaze is never really averted. On another whistle, he sneaks forward again. Now the sheep begin to run, firmly, rigidly and surely the Border Collie goes afterward until the sheep are with the shepherd.

Bild von SoloStar auf Pixabay 

It is fascinating to see a Border Collie at work. One quickly notices how special these dogs are.

Here are 14 Interesting Border Collie Facts:

1The Border Collie Character & Temperament

The Border Collie prefers to move close to humans, which creates a very close bond. The race of the Border Collies is regarded as friendly, cuddly and fond of children. Well balanced, they always meet their environment curious and open-minded.

By nature, the Border Collie shows no aggressive behavior, its great sensitivity, and intelligence, however, can lead to nervous or even aggressive behavior with little occupation or fundamentally wrong education.

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Since this dog breed is a working animal, he wants to be challenged physically and mentally. The Border Collie learns eagerly and fast. In addition, he acts courageously and can identify and solve problems independently. A Border Collie always has his reference person in mind and tries to “guard” them.

In order to ensure peaceful coexistence, it is therefore important to maintain a stable hierarchy. Owners should also grant the animal rest periods because the “Border” wants to play because of his character even when he is actually already exhausted.

2Border Collie Origin & History

border collie facts
Bild von SoloStar auf Pixabay

The Border Collie originates from the Scottish-English borderland, which also led to its name.

A dog named “Old Hemp” is considered the progenitor of today’s Border Collies.

The animal was characterized by exceptionally good herding abilities, therefore he is considered as the most important stud dog.

First records of this breed are over 2,000 years old. At this time the Romans invaded Britain and brought early forms of the Border Collies to the European mainland.

The working method of the Border Collies according to today’s definition is recorded for the first time in the book “Treatise on English Doggess”, which was published in 1570 by John Caius.

The Border Collie has been recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) since 1976. In 1978, a Border Collie was first registered in the stud book of the British Shepherd Dog Club.

3Are Border Collies Good Family Dogs?

Bild von Katrin B. on Pixabay 

As a family and companion dog, the Collie possesses behaviors that are problematic in everyday life. In this way, these dogs are problem dogs.

If you would like to have a nice dog, which one can easily educate and make a little sport, should decide for another dog breed. For this, there are far more suitable breeds.

But if you want to have a dog, which you can work with, which always challenges you, you will love the intelligence of the Border Collie. If you have enough experience and knowledge not to make mistakes, or if you are able to correct them, you will get a magnificent dog. If you can give your dog the security, calm and consistency that such a dog needs and takes sufficient consideration of the sensitivity this dog can also be kept as a family dog and would go with you through the fire.

4Border Collies are Extremely Smart Dogs.

We cannot talk about the Border Collie without talking about its intelligence. Dog experts largely agree that the Border Collie is an intelligent workaholic. They are able to learn a remarkable number of words and commands, and they are happiest when they come to work every day.

5Border Collies are amazing Herding Dogs

Border Collies were originally bred to herd sheep. They stand out for their strength, endurance, intelligence, and work ethic. Border Collies are known for using “the eye” – and staring intensively at the members of the herd to intimidate them. When the earliest recorded shepherd dog experiment took place in Bala, Wales in 1873, the crowd was amazed that the Border Collies were able to drive sheep into a small pen that was only guided by hand signals and whistles from their owners.

6Crouching is a Technique

Border collies can squat cat-like thanks to a space between the tips of the shoulder blades. By staying deep on the ground they have a special sneaking technique. This technique allows them to drive animals together with extreme severity.

7Border Collies Activities

Bild von Katrin B. on Pixabay 

Border Collies are incredibly active dogs and require a lot of exercises. If they don’t get enough walks or physical exercise, they suffer from serious behavioral problems such as destructiveness, hyperactivity, anxiety, and excessive barking.

Ideally, these dogs need about four daily walks with a combination of socialization and play. And don’t forget mental stimulation, which can be practiced through obedience, dog skills, and games.

8The Border Collie is the Leader in World Records

A Border Collie named Chaser is widely known as the world’s most intelligent dog; she knows the names of more than 1,000 objects.

Another Border Collie named Jumpy holds a Guinness world record for dog skating: 100 meters in less than 20 seconds.

Striker, a Border Collie from Quebéc City, set the dog record by rolling down a manual car window.

In 2008, a border collie mix called Sweet Pea set a record for balancing dogs; she balanced a can on her head and walked 100 yards in just 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

9Border Collies are Great Actors

Border Collies are very teachable and love occupation. Maybe that’s why they are popular actors in cinema productions. In the following feature-length films they are therefore the heroes and big stars. As a true fan of this breed one should not miss these films:

A Piglet named Babe (Part 1 and 2)
A dog year (A film adaptation of a novel after a true event)
Dog Soldiers
Snowdogs – Eight heroes on four paws

10Famous Border Collie Owners

This breed needs an extraordinary amount of attention, time and patience and belongs best in herding dog-experienced hands. As a star, however, you often lead a stressful life, are hardly at home and have to travel a lot. Bad conditions for a species-appropriate attitude of the Border Collies. Maybe that’s why so few celebrities have this beautiful but also demanding breed at their side.

Ellen DeGeneres, a well-known US talk show presenter, and animal rights activist fell in love spontaneously with a rescue dog – Border Collie Oakland and adopted him.

However, she gave him back after a short time, because she had to realize that she could not meet the demands of the little male with her lifestyle.

Queen Victoria, on the other hand, had several herding dogs and among them her special favourite, the Border Collie Sharp. Her dogs were often considered to be spoiled, aggressive and biting, but this didn’t harm her love for her four-legged friends.

There are even many photos showing Queen Victoria with Sharp at her side. When the dog finally died at the proud age of 15 (1879) a statue with his image was built on his grave in Windsor Home Park in Berkshire.

11Collies are Excellent Therapy Dogs

There are numerous medical studies that show that cuddly dogs can make a significant contribution to improving a person’s well-being. The Border Collie has always been a popular friend of humans and is therefore also very suitable as a therapy dog.

12Border Collie Training is not Always Easy

Bild von Katrin B. on Pixabay 

The Border Collie is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. It can learn quickly, is very active and needs a lot of activity. Training is not easy because he is hyperactive. If he doesn’t get the right amount of daily exercise, he will be frustrated and may develop behavioral problems.

Training should start at the age of 7-8 months. At this age, it is also especially very easy to teach the Border Collie puppy difficult tricks.

Start with simple commands and increase the demands once the dog has mastered the basics.

13Top Border Collie Names

Female NamesMale Names
LunaCharlie / Charley
Zoey / Zoe*Bear
MaggieRiley / Rylee*
Lily / Lilly*Tucker

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The Border Collie is a dog that lives in extremes. It can mutate from a cuddly sofa dog to an assertive working dog in milliseconds. Anyone who appreciates this and knows how to act will get a wonderful and friendly family dog, who gives everything at sport and/or work and is easy to lead.

If you can’t do this, you’ll get a potential problem dog who can be the tyrant of his whole family. It is, therefore, very important to choose the breed and the dog carefully. Only with capable owners, the Border Collie can show its full, outstanding potential.


  1. I love Border Collies!! I have had 5 as pets. They are so smart, intelligent, loving , obedient, playful, full of energy, love games,love ball, love children, are faithful, can often read your mind- the list is endless!


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