Do you use Bullysticks for Dogs? If you have a pet, then you know the importance of keeping them entertained. Chew toys are some of the most common items to keep pets as dogs entertained. There is however so many other dog treats that you can choose from but bully sticks make some of the best treats that you can get your dog. This is because they are nutritious and will not only keep your pet entertained but also satisfied. Unlike other treats which are not digestible, the bully sticks are completely digestible.

The bully sticks are made from beef pizzle dried, roasted and smoked to lock the natural flavors that dogs just love. They are tough and rigid and can last for years still in good condition and flavor. The sticks can be termed and meaty and tasty and the dogs just love them. They are available in different sizes, some measuring up to 18 inches. You will also find them in different styles including thick, braided or straight or you can find them plain and regular. Bully sticks are a favorite for many and this could be because of the benefits they have for dogs.

Most buyers are aghast at this revelation, but soon get used to it as something the family dog is fond of.

1How are Bullysticks for Dogs made?

When cattle are processed for human consumption, the pizzle or penis is gathered with other parts that eventually become treats for dogs. Trachea, gullets, lungs all become chewy treats. Though these parts are clearly spelled out on the packets, they are known as just that – bully sticks.

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The penis, which measures about 25 inches is cleaned and hung out to dry so all the fluids drain off. It is then stretched to about 40 inches and then divided into smaller sticks. The standard length sold are 6″ and 12″ or anywhere between four and thirty inches.

2How should you store Bullysticks for Dogs

You can store your bully sticks in zip bags so they can be used and reused again and again. You can also preserve them in the freezer to prolong their life and to increase their hardness. You can give 12″ piece to your dog and keep the remaining half-chewed piece in the freezer and give it to your dog the next day after it has become hard. The freezer will keep it fresh. You should not store them in open as otherwise insects could attack and contaminate them.

3Different types of bully sticks for Dogs:

They may be curly, braided or full cane bully sticks. They can be even shaped like pretzels or rings.

4Why are Bully Sticks for Dogs useful?

They are great dogs dental care treats

Dental health matters even in animals like dogs which is why chewable treats and toys are recommended. When the dogs chew on the treats they are able to strengthen the teeth and reduce tartar and plaque buildup. When you choose bully sticks this is one of the biggest advantages you will fetch for your dog and you can also go for bully bones to prevent gingivitis, stop cavities and periodontal diseases. The sticks clean and strengthen the dog’s teeth but you should still ensure that normal brushing goes on even when you have the sticks.

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They are highly nutritious

Bully sticks are natural and usually made from 100% beef. They are therefore high in protein, which dogs just like other omnivores need in huge amounts. The protein content ensures that your dog gets the right diet. The other great aspect of the sticks is that they are low in fat, making them very healthy chew options for your pet especially those facing weight problems. But even with the sticks being nutritious and low fat, it is important that you limit your dog intakes, remember they should remain as treats and not meals for the dogs.

They are completely digestible

This takes off the worries of stomach blockages as would be with other kinds of treats. Being made with natural beef as a single ingredient, they get broken down completely once ingested by your dog. You need not worry about metabolic issues when using sticks.

They last long

The way the bully sticks are made makes them tough and durable. Some can last up to three years still edible and safe for the dogs. You also get the freedom to choose the size that matches your dog, thickness and even shape you feel your dog will simply love. The bully sticks offer a long-lasting chew for dogs.

5When are Bullysticks for Dogs not recommended?

  • An obese dog could get fatter because of the protein content.
  • They are packed with calories with 9 to 22 calories per inch of the bully stick. Excessive feeding of these is not good.
  • They could be contaminated with bacteria. Pet owners are advised to wash their hands after use. An outbreak of salmonella was linked to contaminated dry pet food in 2010. E. Coli, Clostridium difficile, Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) were some of the pathogens found in chewy treats.
  • While many pet owners are against the concept of pet food because they incorporate the byproducts of the meat industry, they are unaware that bully sticks are also a byproduct.
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6Where does the meat come from?

The pizzle or penis comes from free range cattle in South America, who are hundred percent grass fed. Most are odor free.


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