Puppies are notorious chewers. Everyone expects that, right?

The problem, of course, is to teach them what is acceptable to chew on and what not.

If you solve this problem early, you will save yourself a world of pain – and protect your shoes and other prohibited items. Find durable dog chew toys.

Why do dogs chew at all?

In the following, I will give a small summery why puppies like to chew on things and need durable dog chew toys.

  1. They are like human babies: At this age (1 month to 6 months) everything goes in the mouth. It is their usual way of discovering the world around them.
  2. Their gums hurt at this age. And chewing on objects that may be lying around helps.
  3. But as they get older, they do it to clean their teeth and keep them strong.
  4. They could also just do it because they’re hungry and chew on a bone (especially one left over from your Thanksgiving turkey, for example), they just really, really taste good.
  5. Sometimes they just chew for fun. Try to give your dog a stick when you’re outdoors, and usually, he’ll lie down and start chewing on it.
  6. However, chewing is in your Doggie`s DNA and you have to find the best alternatives to your $250 Armani slippers.

Top Marks For Durable Dog Chew Toys

For puppies, there is an enchanting soft toy in the shape of a small purple dinosaur. It is called goDino Purple Bruto Dino and can stand hours of cheerful chewing.

goDog Dinos BrutogoDog DragongoDog Checkers
durable chew toysbest durable dog chew toysbest durable dog chew toys
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The goDog brand has several other toys that are just as cute, including the dragon, the alligator and the fat cock. All are double stitched and have a funny squeaker inside.

For older dogs, there’s the Zogoflex Air Wox Interactive Tug Dog Toy, available in three pastel colors, perfect for both individual play and fighting with you or other dogs.

Zogoflex Air Wox blueZogoflex Air Wox redZogoflex Air Wox yellow
most durable dog chew toysmost durable dog chew toysmost durable dog chew toys
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Its unique three-legged shape makes it ideal for grabbing teeth on one side and hands on the other. Don’t worry – it’s pretty soft to the touch, but extremely bite resistant so it won’t fall apart quickly.

More Ideas For Durable Dog Chew Toys

best durable chew toys for dogsSpeaking of this 6 pack for medium, large and XL dogs who love to play rough and are aggressive chewers.

This toy set comprises 6 durable and tough dog toys especially for bonding, training, and hygiene. This toy set keeps our dogs healthy and happy and creates enjoyable and loving memories with them for many years to come.

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most durable dog chew toysThere’s also the Zogoflex Tux Guaranteed Tough Treat Stuffable Dog Chew Toy for dogs who like to chew on something filled with peanut butter.

This light green toy is made of high-strength hard rubber with a hollow center that is easily accessible to your dog’s quest tongue. It will absorb it thoroughly and keep it away from other less suitable things.

most durable dog chew toysSome dogs like to hear their toys squeak when they bite on them. Maybe it brings them into a predatory way of thinking.

If this is the case with your dog, try the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel toy for dogs. It keeps dogs occupied and eliminates boredom. It is available in 4 fun sizes for every dog large and small.

This soft squeaky dog toy stimulates mental play with a fun game of hiding and seeking. Stuff the Hide A Squirrel trunk with squirrels and place it on the floor for your dog to sniff and hunt. Stuff the Hide A Squirrel trunk with squirrels and place on the floor for your dog to sniff and hunt


most durable dog chew toysWhich dog doesn’t like to hunt and fetch tennis balls? Here is a colorful alternative to keep your own tennis balls safe and drool-free.

They are manufactured by a company called Snug and are simply called rubber dog balls. The company’s literature says that they are “practically indestructible” and even swim in the water to get to the lake or beach.

The last word:

If you give your favorite four-legged friend acceptable items to drill his teeth into, you won’t have any problems, especially if you can’t be there to watch him.

Durable, Tough dog toys will make happy, you and your doggie!

Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this article about durable dog chew toys or have any questions!


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