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Dog food has certainly progressed in recent years with much more science than ever before, and this is particularly evident in the various advertisements and marketing materials from dog food manufacturers who all claim that their product is the best.

The truth is that there are several dog food secrets you should really know and Dog Food Secrets written by Andrew Lewis is a book that aims to tell you the truth about what is really happening in the pet food industry.

The commercials you see are very well composed and love to draw a certain picture of the industry, but do they hide the truth about what is actually happening? Why should you listen to what Andrew has to say? This report aims to answer these questions.

Why Andrew Lewis was asked to review the industry.

By understanding what Andrew challenged in studying the pet food industry, means that you will find it easier to take on board the information that appears in the book. The moment that triggered all this research was actually the death of his four-year-old Beagle when Andrew decided to look at what might have contributed to the disease that claimed his dog’s life. In this search, he discovered that the seemingly healthy dog food was not what it seemed, and he had essentially poisoned his dog simply by what he gave to him.

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Dog Food Secrets

Obviously, this discovery initially contributed to his agony, but it also prompted him to write the dog food secrets book. His goal was to prevent other dog owners from doing exactly what he did and preventing them from losing their pet. What his research has done has enabled him to find out what really goes into the production of dog food, and what a dog really needs when it comes to nutrition, and thereby stay healthy and live longer. The hope is that by reading this information you can help your dog and not get into the same problems as Andrew a few years ago.

What is in dog food secrets?

It makes sense to really look at what is in the book so you can decide if it is something you want to buy, and as the name suggests, it is the only topic to deal with dog food.

Throughout the book, Andrew looks at the commercial dog food business and uncovers some things about it that will undoubtedly shock dog owners, while pointing out the various dangers of feeding something that the manufacturer would have you believe is the best you can give your pet. Once you have read it, you will immediately take action.

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As the book tells you about the dangers of commercial dog food, it balances the situation even if it leads you through an alternative way of feeding your dog without endangering their health. The information provided goes against everything commercial companies say, as they explain that homemade dog food is bad for dogs. But remember that they will say this to tempt you to buy their product. Andrew shows how this is not the case, especially when you hear that homemade dog food can help your dog live up to eight years longer.

After all, most people won’t know how to make this homemade dog food, but the book has also a recipe section that gives you a step-by-step guide to a homemade dog food. These recipes will also show you how to ensure that your dog gets all the food he needs to stay healthy, and how these nutrients need to change according to his age, general health, and activity.

What is the best of Dog Food Secrets?

There are a number of true positives associated with this particular book, and one of the first positives is that there were years of research before it was written, and you can benefit from all this research by reading just one book.

On top of that, you will be taught in easy-to-understand language all about the bad side of the dog food industry and shown why you really need to make some changes to what you feed your own pet because you can really harm it, even though you have been cheated into thinking that they are healthier by eating different brands.

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The book will, of course, help you take your dog in a different direction when it comes to nutrition, including how you can make his own food, and it will once again explain fundamentally how you can not only improve his health but also prolong his life and your dog will be much happier than before and you can spend more time together and enjoy each other’s company.

By feeding the right dog food, this also means that your dog will be much healthier and you will save money on vet bills, and on top of all, Dog Food Secrets comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy it and feel it’s not for you.

Are there any negatives with the book?

In short, there are no negatives with the book, as it was not written to advertise certain brands that could be claimed to have been produced as a marketing tool, but instead was written by another dog owner who is simply a normal person like the reader. All it does is look beyond the marketing that is being pushed in front of you and lets you see how you can make your dog’s life much better.

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To end this review of the Dog Foods Secrets book, it is important to say that the book is very easy to understand and will certainly open your eyes to what is going on in the dog food industry. The book tells you what is in the food and how it can kill your dog instead of improving his health, and if you really care about your dog, then Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis is certainly a book you don’t want to miss.

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Dog Food Secrets

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Dog Food Secrets Review


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