Dog parks offer your dog friends the opportunity to play together and have fun. However, a first visit to the dog park can be stressful for dogs who are not familiar with the company of other dogs. Find here 4 tips on how to help your dog to get used to the new terrain.

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If you go with your dog to the dog park, during the rush hours it can be quite a busy time. In order to avoid stress and even fear during your first visit in the dog park, you should make it as easy and pleasant as possible for your puppy, so that he can fully enjoy the advantages of a dog playground.

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1Go for a Walk Before Your First Visit at the Dog Park

In order to prepare your dog for his first visit to the dog park, you should take him for a walk in advance. After a walk, he will be more balanced and calm.

Important: Do not go for a walk in the area of the dog park – this is only a playground and does not replace the daily walk.

2Arrive Before the Rush Hours

In order not to expose your dog directly to a large number of foreign dogs, you should arrive if possible a little earlier to the dog park. Find out when it is at its busiest on the dog park and simply arrive a good hour in advance. So your dog can get to know each newcomer individually and in peace and is not himself the newcomer who is received by a pack of strangers.

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3Be Patient

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Basically, you should be patient – if it doesn’t seem to work in the first attempts in the dog park with your dog, simply try it again another day. Like humans, not all dogs are able to cope directly with many other dogs and need a little time to get started, until they finally chase across the field together.

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4Be Relaxed and Confident

The first visit to the dog park is usually marked by curiosity -there are so many other dogs to get to know. If your puppy, on the other hand, is rather anxious or reserved, give it security by showing yourself relaxed and content. If your dog notices that everything is fine, he will also relax and be more open to harmonious interaction with other dogs.


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