She looks gruesome and displays a gaze as if thinking who else to bite. All prejudices: The English Bulldog is a lovely dog with a gentle mind and a big heart.

They like to be attentive to their owners and have an excellent relationship with children, strangers, and other pets. Even though they may learn a little slower than other dogs, they do not forget what they have learned.

The English Bulldog is self-sufficient and therefore much more independent from humans than other dogs (but of course they still need love, attention and little walks every day!). They like to relax on a cuddly blanket, on the sofa or in another cozy place.

Here are 13 Surprising Facts About the English Bulldog you probably didn`t know:

1English Bulldogs were Bred for Bullfighting

Bild von Sven Lachmann auf Pixabay

The history of the English Bulldog didn’t always appear positive. From the 16th to the 18th century the so-called “Bull Baiting” was very popular in England.

This was a social event where large amounts of money were gambled. Powerful dogs had to fight down bulls.

The bulldog was specifically bred to bite the nose of a bull to tear it to the ground. It took until 1835 for Bull Baiting to be banned.

Unfortunately, this did not lead to the extinction of the abuses. Rather, they were continued illegally. Also fights dog against dog were held.

2English Bulldogs are Wonderful Family Dogs

Bild von Sven Lachmann auf Pixabay

Because of its actual kindness and the special ability to adapt to a family, people learned to appreciate the bulldog more and more as a family dog.

The first official breed standard was set in 1865. Unfortunately, the breeding requirements became more and more exaggerated, which made the English Bulldog sick.

Instead of its former lightning-fast reaction capacity, the bulldog became overweight and suffered from various physical disabilities. Thanks to David Leavitt and others, the breed has evolved and continues to do so.

3What About These Wrinkles?

Back then, in the days of bullfighting, dogs were bred for their wrinkles. The blood that flowed during the bullfight was effectively prevented from getting into the dog’s eyes during the fight by the skin wrinkles.

Short muzzles allowed them to breathe properly while holding a bull’s muzzle, and smaller hind legs allowed them to shake the dog without suffering spinal injuries.

Brutal. Funny fact: These adorable wrinkles must be wiped regularly to avoid infection.

4English Bulldogs are Popular

Quiet, courageous and friendly, the English Bulldog is also one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA. According to the American Kennel Club, Bulldogs only rank after Labradors, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers.

That’s a pretty good company, considering they almost extinct just a few years ago.

5English Bulldogs are Ideal Appartment Dogs

Bild von Corrie Miracle auf Pixabay

The dog is a rather comfortable representative of his breed. They like to lie on their own place, always close to their family. The lovely four-legged friend prefers to cuddle with his humans and loves to be cuddled.

Your mature bulldog may not be very enthusiastic when it comes to walking, but daily exercise is important to keep your dog fit.

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The Bulldog is not suitable for running on a bicycle or for long walks!!!

The breed tends to be overweight. As an owner, you are responsible and have to take corrective action well in advance.

6Protect your English Bulldog from Water

Thanks to their large head and tiny buttocks, Bulldogs have a little trouble moving in the water. Although some can swim, it’s best to keep an eye on them if they’re plunging.

7English Bulldogs Love Food

Bild von JamesDeMers auf Pixabay

Ther are few things an English bulldog loves more than food.

In fact, if you ever want to bring a bulldog back to its glorious past, pull it away from its bowl of food.

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No wonder these insatiable eaters eat too fast, which can be bad for digestion and lead to stomach pain and vomiting. They also eat like a hungry toddler, swallowing all their food without chewing properly.

8Snoring, Farting and Drooling

English Bulldogs do have some less elegant but still lovely characteristics like farting, snoring and drooling.

But for what reason?

Well, we’ve already told a bit about the digestion of bulldogs. They are insatiable eaters, which can often cause them to swallow too much air while eating.

Food is often an important part of these processes. And farting can be restricted by a healthy diet. Snoring, farting and drooling are usually caused by the unusual shape of the body. Lack of exercise and overweight also increase snoring, grunting and wheezing.

The drooling is due to the extreme underbite of the dog. The lips (upper lips) of the dog hangover their lower lips and do not close the mouth. The result is drooling, especially after drinking water and eating food.

9Presidents Loves English Bulldogs

Bild von Corrie Miracle auf Pixabay

Not only one, but even two presidents had an affinity to the charmingly compact dogs. Calvin Coolidge had a bulldog named Boston Beans and Warren Harding had a bulldog called Oh Boy.

10English Bulldgos are Excellent Mascots

The English Bulldog is an extremely popular mascot for universities/colleges and high schools throughout the United States. Ranker lists at least 15 colleges with Bulldog mascots, including Yale, Drake University and The Citadel.

11Bulldogs Break Records

Otto, the skateboarding bulldog, recently set the Guinness world record for “Longest Human Tunnel Traveled Through by a Skateboarding Dog”. In Lima, Peru, the talented dog descended under the legs of 30 people.

12Famous Bulldog Owners

Bild von istvangyal auf Pixabay

Throughout history, the English bulldog has conquered the hearts of many pet owners.

Doggy Dan Easy Way Funnel

Famous English bulldog owners include actor Adam Sandler and his bulldog Meatball (who worked in movies and served as Sandler’s best man at his wedding) and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who not only owned bulldogs but was also known as The British Bulldog during the Second World War.

13English Bulldogs Go Social

Here are 3 more charmingly crumpled Bulldogs with Social Media Profiles that you should definitely follow. Besides, you can never have too many English Bulldogs in your life, can you?

Chunky is generally hilarious. Check his feed for endlessly entertaining photos of this more lovable guy who looks at a sea of cheese curls, wears donut crowns and lies flat on his back under a full pizzatoria.

One bulldog is never enough, and this feed house of bulldogs shows the adventures of a family of five English bulldogs – Fatty, Goofy, Dannyboy, Logan, and Porkchop.

Sergeant Story’s name may sound super tough, but this smiley face is so gentle that he can’t guarantee anyone anything to suffer from.

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  1. As a retired Bulldog breeder, I found this article to be somewhat informative however, your article states that thanks to Levitt the breed is evolving and that is not fact but an opinion. It is commonly known that Levitt had attempted for years to get his “Olde English” listed as the official breed. The breed in question here is the Bulldog not the Olde English which are indeed recognized as two different breeds and not one in the same.

    Bulldogs are also far from self sufficient and not only seek but require human interaction daily as well as care of their wrinkles on their face as well as at times around their tail set. This breed is known for being short backed and unable to clean themselves properly as a result. Does careful consideration need to be taken by breeders in an attempt to better the breed? Yes. Is Levitts introduction of his own bloodline the answer? No.


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