Do you think you know all incredible german shepherd facts?

Today, according to AKC registration statistics, the German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the USA and a popular dog breed all over the world. So if you want to buy a German Shepherd dog, you are not alone!

The German Shepherd has so many exquisite qualities so it is difficult to describe them all in one article. The list of great qualities could fill many books.

Here are some German Shepherd Facts that has conquered the hearts, minds, and fantasies of dog lovers from generation to generation:

1German Shepherd Dogs Are One of the Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Many dog owners like to claim their dog’s intelligence. But German Shepherds are really intelligent, even in comparison with other really clever breeds. The German Shepherd took third place in the assessment of 100 different breeds by more than 200 judges of the American Kennel Club according to their intelligence.

These dogs are easy to educate and good to train, which could explain why so many of them show up in police and army. According to scientists, German shepherd dogs are at least as smart as a 2-3-year-old child when it comes to understanding language, and they can handle numbers almost as well as a 4-5-year-old.

2World War Made the German Shepherd Famous

The soldiers deployed in the First World War were deeply impressed by the loyalty, persistence, and intelligence of the most common German military dog. This admiration is one of the main reasons why the German Shepherd Dog became a very common dog in Britain. This fact probably also contributed to the fact that the German Shepherd Dog became as popular in the United States as it is today.

In a paradoxical twist, however, the same war that made the dog so popular made the “German” part of the name rather unpopular. So the German Shepherd Dog was called Alsatian Wolfhound in parts of Great Britain and in other countries.

3The Bite of a German Shepherd Dog is Very Strong

german shepherd facts

Dog bites are serious, and the bigger the dog, the more we respect its teeth.

An animal bite is usually measured in pounds per square inch or PSI, which is the strength of the bite. Tail and Fur recently reported that a tiger shark has a bite force of 325 and a grey wolf a PSI of 406. In comparison, the bite of a German shepherd dog is somewhat weaker, but still very strong: about 238.

The bite of a human provides about 86 pounds of force, which means that the bite of the German Shepherd Dog is almost three times as strong!

4German Shepherd Dogs Are Not Dangerous Dogs

german shepherd facts

Over the years, German Shepherd Dogs have gained a reputation as dangerous, aggressive dogs. However, organizations like the American Veterinary Medical Association have repeatedly refuted these unfounded claims.

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Although German Shepherd Dogs are often used by the police and military, the qualities these organizations are looking for are intelligence, obedience, endurance, and strength; not aggression. Police and military dog units want dogs that are easy to train and dogs that follow their instructions in dangerous situations. Dangerous, aggressive and difficult to control dogs would be passed over as recruits who do not have what it takes for these tasks.

German shepherd dogs, properly trained and socialized, are usually friendly, and apart from being nervous when new people enter their territory, they are ideal family dogs.

5German Shepherd Dogs are Great Family Dogs


The German Shepherd is strongly connected to his family. He likes to be around you and doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time at all.

He is excellent with children (although he should always be monitored) and usually with other pets as well.

He is a great guard dog because he is suspicious of strangers. However, if you want him to become a sociable family dog, you need to bring him into contact with people and train him consistently from an early age. His loyalty to his family can take the form of aggression against strangers.

Regularly invite friends and neighbors into your house and let your German Shepherd Dog learn that these people are not a threat. Once the dog has sniffed them, give him treats and affection to make a positive connection.

6German Shepherd Dogs are Perfect Partners

Backflips, yoga poses, balancing on human shoulders – these are puppy games for a German shepherd dog. In fact, you can easily teach him 100 tricks until his first birthday.

With proper training, there is very little that a German Shepherd can’t or won’t do.

7German Shepherd Dogs are Highly Popular in the United States

The German Shepherd is the second most registered dog in the United States. The German Shepherd comes right behind the Labrador. This is most likely due to the diversity of this breed: German shepherd dogs are popular as family, guard, performance, show, police, military and service dogs. There is not much that this dog cannot do.

8German Shepherd Dogs are the Most Popular Service Dogs

Did you think only Rin Tin Tin Tin was a famous dog? No.

A German Shepherd named Buddy was the first guide dog. In 1928, after one month of training in Switzerland, she returned to the USA with her blind owner Morris Frank. She thrilled an audience of reporters and viewers as she helped him across one of New York’s busiest streets.

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After that, dogs that help people became commonplace, and besides Golden Retrievers and Labradors, many of the blind dogs used today are German Shepherds.

9Work is Their Passion

Ask any shepherd dog owner what categorizes the breed and most of them will give you the answer: Work ethic. German Shepherds need jobs!

They need jobs, challenging ones, to be successful. They are like these valued employees who always volunteer, always meet deadlines and always offer you the highest quality you can imagine. Their energy level has been described as “volcanic”, with generations of ancestors used to working all day, caring for and guarding animals in all weathers.

That’s why these dogs are preferred for all the toughest jobs, from herding to arresting criminals to searching for drugs or for disaster survivors.

10German Shepherd Dogs are Extremely Hairy Animals

The German Shepherd loses a lot of hair. He loses hair all year round, as well as twice a year (in spring and autumn) when he loses his undercoat.

He must be brushed a few times a week for 15 minutes to keep his coat healthy and the hair from your carpet. During the shedding season, I recommend daily brushing.

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Oh, and do expect to use your vacuum cleaner frequently! If I were you, I would invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner with good suction power for vacuuming pet hair!

11German Shepherd Dogs Have Stars on the Walk of Fame

While one might think that Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is only for stars of the two-legged kind, there are at least two German Shepherds on the sidewalk of the stars.

The older of the two stars belong to Strongheart, who was one of the first German shepherd dogs in the film.

Rin Tin Tin Tin, considered one of the most famous German shepherd dogs ever seen on screen, is also on the Walk of Fame.

While there have been other great dog performers since then, no other German Shepherd has joined, let alone surpassed, these two.

12Batman had a German Shepherd Dog

In the long and strange tradition that superheroes have dogs, Batman once purchased a German shepherd dog.

Ace the Bat-Hound was the hero’ s name, and just like his master, he was a disguised crime warrior.

Ace was the most popular character between 1954 and 1964. At that time, superheroes who brought their pets on adventures were considered adorable and not strange or silly.

From 1964 to 2007, Ace’s performances became more sporadic, and today the Crusader tends to fly alone or with the help of his two-legged sidekicks.

Nevertheless, there are comics in which Batman fought villains like the Joker with the help of a German shepherd dog.

Who would have thought that there are so many strange and wonderful facts about German Shepherds? The German Shepherd is popular, intelligent, faithful, child-friendly, very loyal, very obedient and has great strength.

Not only that, but he also has famous ancestors, including Buddy, the first Service Dog, Rin Tin Tin Tin, Strongheart and Ace.

What a dog!

german shepherd facts

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