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In the coexistence between humans and dogs, strong bad breath can be a great burden. If the whole flat or even the car smells unbearably like bad dog breath, it is absolutely time to do something against the bad breath in the dog. In many cases, the cause can be found in the mouth!

This can be teeth, plaque or even food rests can lead to disgusting bad breath. Bad breath in dogs can also be caused by food. However, bad breath can also be an indication of diseases. If the dog is sick, he can smell unpleasant from the mouth. If the bad breath does not disappear, a visit to the vet is recommended in any case.


The following article explains which diseases and other causes can lead to bad breath and why bad breath can be developed from food. In addition, there are tips on how to combat bad breath in dogs with home remedies.

What Diseases Can Cause Bad Breath?

Some diseases have bad breath as an accompanying symptom. Dental diseases are often caused by bad breath. Thus the breath of the dog smells rotten or purulent, if the dog suffers from caries, periodontosis, gingivitis or tartar. With illnesses at teeth or gums, other symptoms besides the bad breath frequently occur. Depending upon severity degree it is possible that the dog cannot chew anymore or refuses even completely the food.

How to Get Rid of Dogs Bad Breath

If the bad breath comes from teeth or gum disease, you can improve a lot with just a little oral hygiene. Tartar, periodontosis, etc. can be removed gently with the specially developed Mira-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush for Dogs, and without anesthesia. This toothbrush is also ideal for daily prophylactic oral and dental care.

Bad Breath Caused by Diseases

However, other diseases can also cause bad breath:

  • In gastritis, the dog’s breath smells bitter. This gastritis is often accompanied by vomiting.
  • Bad breath can also occur with other stomach problems such as a gastrointestinal infection.
  • With blocked anal glands dogs often lick at these glands. If they absorb the secretion, they stink out of their mouths.
  • If the pancreas is inflamed, bad breath may occur
  • An allergy can trigger bad breath – eczema on the lips leads to mouth odor because the skin folds become inflamed and fungi and bacteria colonize.
  • Urine-smelling breath indicates kidney problems 
  • Diseases of the liver can be accompanied by bad breath
  • The cause may also be cancer or tumors in the area of the oral cavity.

What is Behind Bad Breath?

Sometimes there is a smell of decay when there is a foreign object in the mouth of the dog. For example, when playing with a stick, a piece of wood can get stuck in the interdental space. Rests of food adhere to it and gradually decompose.

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If the four-legged friend has eaten carrion, garbage or similar things, this can lead to unpleasantly smelling breath. In this case, the bad breath is only present for a short time. If the dog smells unpleasantly from the mouth over a longer period of time, it should be clarified by a veterinarian if a disease is the cause of this symptom.

Different Types of Bad Breath – What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs?

Type of bad breath Possible Causes
Sweet – sweet halitosis A sweet-smelling odor may indicate a fungal infection or diabetes.
Acidic – Acidic Bad Breath Acidic bad breath usually has to do with an excess of gastric acid. This can be due to stress, food-related problems or heartburn.
Fishy – smelling of fish Fishy bad breath is usually caused by feeding fish or fishmeal on the food.
Smelling of stool and excrement A smell smelling of excrement is usually the result of eating excrement.
Bloody – blood – metallic – iron Often occurs in young dogs during the change of teeth: The bloody or metallic smelling breath comes from the bleeding after a tooth has fallen out.
Purulent – Purulent A purulent, foul odor usually indicates inflammation of the gums or teeth.
Acetone – chemical The bad breath of a dog suffering from diabetes has a chemical smell reminiscent of acetone. Diabetes is more common in some dog breeds. This disease is manifested not only by bad breath but also by an increased need to drink.
Urine – ammonia A smell of ammonia is a sign of diseases of the kidneys.

Wrong Dog Food Can Promote Bad Breath

The wrong food can lead to bad breath. Bad breath often manifests itself through wrong dog food. Some – mostly very cheap – dry food already smells bad when the package is opened. Cheap dog food often contains slaughter waste and in some cases ingredients that do not belong in the dog’s stomach. Dogs that eat such food regularly usually have bad smelling breath.

Dog Food Secrets

Sugar in Dog Food?

Sugar-containing dog food also leads to bad breath, especially as sugar is partly responsible for tooth decay, tartar and other diseases, which in turn can cause bad breath. High-quality dog food contains neither sugar nor other unhealthy ingredients. Therefore, the right dog food can also not cause tartar. It makes no difference whether dry food or wet food is fed. It is important that no sugar or sugar substitute materials are contained.

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Contrary to the widespread opinion that dry food cleans the teeth, the administration of wet food or B.A.R.F. is to be preferred, as this comes closest to the dog’s natural diet and is better tolerated by sensitive dog stomachs.

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If bad breath occurs during a food change, it should be clarified whether the dog does not tolerate components of the new food. This also applies to bad breath despite wet food or BARF. In general, food intolerances can lead to mouth odor.

In addition, strong-smelling foods such as rumen or garlic affect the breath. In this case, herbs – such as parsley – can be used to combat bad breath.

Bad Breath Due to Tooth Change

When teeth are changed, a metallic bad breath can develop due to the slight bleeding caused by tooth loss. However, this smell only lasts for a short time. Sometimes the gums become inflamed on already loose teeth: Food rests get stuck between the loose teeth and the gums and start to grow putrefactive bacteria. This leads to bad smelling breath.

When teething, pus can form when a milk tooth breaks off. In some young dogs, the new tooth already grows, although the milk tooth has not yet fallen out. Even then, pus can form, which ultimately causes bad breath.

Bad Breath Dog Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies and Schüssler salts can help well against bad breath. Of course, the remedy of choice is always different from dog to dog and their symptoms. The following homeopathic remedies may be suitable for dogs with bad breath:

Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath

Acidum hydrochloricum Used mainly for eczema, digestive problems, and gastritis.
Bovista It is used to treat bad breath caused by bleeding during tooth changes.
Carbo animalis For bad breath due to digestive problems, heartburn or gastritis.
Mercurius bijodatus If bad breath is caused by inflammation or suppuration of the tonsils or a sore throat.
Mercurius cyanatus Mouth odor due to inflammation in the throat or gums.
Mercurius Dulcis If liver diseases are the cause of bad breath.
Sodium chloratum In case of bad breath due to gingivitis or cold.

Schüssler Salts can also be used for bad breath. Schüssler Salt No. 2 (Calcium Phosphoricum) or Schüssler Salt No. 5 (Potassium Phosphoricum) are suitable here. There are also household remedies and herbs available which can be used as an antidote to bad breath.

Home Remedies For Bad Breath

  • Chop parsley, basil or peppermint into small pieces and add to the food
  • Mixing ginger, thyme or cinnamon with the feed
  • Baking herbs dog biscuits
  • Feeding fresh fruit, such as apple slices
  • Give a whole, raw carrot to chew on
  • Beer Yeast Capsules
  • Bones or natural chews
  • Brush one’s teeth

12 Tips to Getting Rid of Bad Breath in Dogs

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As described above, bad breath can be eliminated using homeopathy or Schüssler Salts. Here are some more tips to treat the unpleasant mouth odor:

  1. Since bad breath in dogs is often related to problems with teeth or gums, the four-legged friend should be accustomed as early as possible that he lets his humans brush its teeth. Various aids are available for this purpose, such as a finger toothbrush.
  2. Chewing bones, fresh raw bones or high-quality dry food can help to brush dogs teeth.  If the dog regularly gets this possibility for dental care, tartar rarely develops.
  3. If teeth or gums are already diseased, this should be treated immediately by the veterinarian.
  4. The pharynx should be checked to see if there is any foreign matter or food rests in the gums or in the interdental spaces.
  5. If the cause of bad breath is an overproduction of gastric acid, the dog should be given his daily ration of food in smaller portions.
  6. Stress may also be the cause of the stomach problem, so the first step is to identify the stress factors.
  7. As an effective household remedy against bad breath, parsley is recommended, which can be mixed with the food as freshly as possible.
  8. Mint also helps to get rid of the unpleasant breath.
  9. Sugar-containing foods should be avoided completely and replaced by high-quality and healthy dog food.
  10. Also, grain-free food often has a positive effect on the breath.
  11. If the dog likes to eat vegetables, you can let it nibble raw carrots or apples. These household remedies work particularly well if the four-legged friend has eaten carrion, excrement or similar bad-smelling things.
  12. Sodium and herbal earth powder are other household remedies against dogs bad breath.
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If nothing helps, go to the veterinarian

If the bad breath has persisted in the dog for a long time and does not seem to have been caused by food or dental problems, the reason for the mouth odor should be searched for by a veterinarian. If a serious illness is behind the bad breath, this is usually to be recognized by the general condition of the quadruped.

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