One would have to be a dog – the dear four-legged friends can doze whenever they want. But how much sleep do dogs need every day? More than we humans so much is certain.

In sleep, the experiences of the day are processed. Playing, cuddling, running and all interactions with others.

Especially when dogs have exerted themselves physically or mentally during the day, they need a lot of rest.

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But also otherwise the four-legged friends sleep clearly longer than we do.

So how much sleep and rest do dogs need?

how much sleep do dogs need

Adult dogs sleep about 17 to 20 hours depending on the amount of daily activity. Puppies, as well as sick or old dogs, sleep up to 22 hours.

However, the term “sleeping” is somewhat misleading here. No dog in the world is in the right sleep for 20 of the 24 hours of the day – dozing and resting are also part of it.

So short naps, half sleep dozing and Co. are included in these statistics.

Dogs only sleep a little more than cats. The way of sleeping is different.

While cats retreat to get their rest, dogs usually just lie down somewhere, gladly in places that would be much too stressful for a cat, for example on the floor near the door or where many people walk around the sleeping place.

How much sleep do dogs need: Sleeping dogs should not be awakened!

Do dogs dream?

how much sleep do dogs need

The sleeping noises and the movements a dog makes while sleeping clearly indicates that dogs also dream. Scientists agree that sleep processes important information and experiences.

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Researchers have compared and studied the brain waves of dogs during the sleep cycle with those of humans. They discovered similar results. These strengthen the theory that dogs also dream and, like us, process their experiences during sleep.

Dogs experience two stages of sleep:

SWS (Slow Wave Sleep) is the early phase of sleep.

The dog takes a nap or dozes away. Although mental functions are slowed down, the body is still fully active. This is where the wake-up threshold is at its highest.

Good example:
The dog lies in his bed but reacts immediately to every sound.

REM sleep is the deeper phase of sleep.

It is easily recognizable by the body twitches or noises the dog makes during this phase. Fast brain wave patterns show that the dog is in a dream state.

Best example:

Both stages of the sleep cycle affect your dog.

How much sleep do dogs need: Sleep and peace are vital

how much sleep do dogs need

In the most extreme case, lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can have life-threatening effects on the health of every living being.

Dogs also suffer greatly if they are unable to maintain their daily rest periods. In the first stage of sleep deprivation, they are usually overexcited.

The next phase is associated with unfocused and agitated behavior.

The third stage is marked by nervousness and irritability.

Afterward, overtired dogs become aggressive and can become ill, sometimes hard.

Therefore, always make sure that your dog gets the rest periods he needs.

Should you nevertheless notice a lack of sleep in your four-legged friend, a visit to the vet is necessary.

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How much sleep a dog actually needs depends on many factors such as breed, size, age, and lifestyle.

Your dog will usually adapt to your “bedtime and get up time”.

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