How to stop a puppy from biting: Puppies are irresistibly cute until they sink their needle-tipped milk teeth into your soft skin. Then they suddenly turn into a demon monster you are afraid of.

Pups have very sharp teeth and they are good at using them. Of course, your puppy is not deliberately out to hurt you. What starts as a game can quickly become painful playing time.

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It’s no fun to train your puppy so that he won’t bite anymore. It takes a lot of patience and consistency, and some dogs take longer to learn than others. But don’t worry – there is hope.

A little puppy bites and scratches – How to Stop a Puppy From Biting

As soon as you bring a little puppy into your house, not only will you love him, but your whole family and friends will love him too. You will definitely want only the best for the little rascal. This is a good thing because you are now his surrogate mother or father.

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Therefore you carry also a large responsibility for the small quadruped. It depends on you and of course on the rest of your family whether the little rascal becomes a well-behaved dog. It is quite normal for your little puppy to bite. That’s why you don’t have to be worried.

As a rule, he will not seriously hurt you or your children. It may well be a sign that your puppy is tooth decay.

Make sure that your little four-legged friend can make many positive experiences in his imprinting phase. Raise him in a manner appropriate to his species and he will give up biting.

The bite inhibition is not innate with a puppy

Remember, the bite inhibitor is not innate to a dog either, you should train it with him from his 8th week of life and thereby your puppy will give up biting.

In only 5 days the puppy the biting to get rid of! So both of you can do it stress-free!

That’s what you need:

  • Discipline
  • Dog toy (a rope string or squeaky toy)
  • Fun, fun and fun!

With the following instructions, you can teach your puppy to bite within a few days!

1. How to Stop a Puppy From Biting – Isolation When he Bites

If your puppy bites, a direct and strong “NO” or “AUA” follows. Then you just go away and ignore your puppy for about 10 seconds. This kind of isolation is an appropriate “punishment” for a puppy to bite you. Important: The reaction must immediately follow the biting and should not last longer than 10 seconds. The puppy will then combine biting with isolation and refrain from biting.

2. How to Stop a Puppy From Biting – Toys are Okay, I Am Not!

The puppy biting is completely normal. You feel your way in your world, try it out and use it like we use our hand. He just has to learn that it’s not okay if he bites us. Nevertheless, you should give him an alternative. In a quieter moment, you can offer him a toy. As soon as he grabs the hand, perform step 1. If he takes the toy, praise him for it. To do this, keep your hands away from his mouth and offer him the toy. We recommend a rope string or a more stable rubber toy. If he gets too hasty, stop playing with him. Once he has accepted the toy, you can throw it away and see how he handles it. If he brings it back, that’s great. You should tell him that too, so LOBEN! If he ignores it, just try again. He will quickly understand that he may bite the toy, but not you! Important: Don’t be too hasty and too excited. This will transfer to your puppy.

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Some trainers recommend playing tug-of-war with your puppy. The puppy learns that the game is fun, but controlled by you, the person at the other end of the toy. The game will stop if the rules are not followed, by which everyone is protected.

3. How to Stop a Puppy From Biting – If it Does Get Too Wild

The main learning processes are steps 1 and 2, so your dog doesn’t learn to bite you but his toy. Besides, you spend a lot of time with him and your bond gets closer. However, if it gets too hard and he bites himself hard, it can be unpleasant. He will quickly let go of your hand by loud and certain “AUA” or “NO” and also understand that he has hurt you. But if he should bite his way into curtains, trousers or sleeves, it usually helps to just lift it up briefly. If you are in the game, the “punishment” immediately follows. Just leave the field for a short time.

4. How to Stop a Puppy From Biting – The Secret Tip

To prevent your puppy from biting you, you can also use a little trick. It can be compared to a bitter substance, which is also prescribed against “nail-biting” in humans. Simply apply an “unpleasant” substance to your hands. So when your puppy starts biting, you stop moving and wait for his reaction. Once he has calmed down on his own, it can go on for you. So a negative stimulus is connected with the biting. It doesn’t necessarily have to work directly, but it can work well.

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For example, detergents with taste are Bitter Apple spray, Wick Vaporub, tea tree oil or white wine vinegar. Apply these to your hands and don’t forget to wash them afterward.
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So you can get rid of the little dog biting?

The most important thing first: If the little puppy bites, he should not be allowed to play with your fingers and toes. Neither you nor other family members may “fidget” with your fingers in front of his snout. As the four-legged friend has no hands, he can only use his mouth to help him catch your fingers. Don’t pat your dog, rather stroke him with gentle, calm movements! In the case of ungentle disturbances, the puppy may bite. Don’t leave the puppy alone with children, even a small dog has quickly understood which family member is the weakest member of the pack. Even if the child turns his back on him and ignores him, the puppy may bite: Preferred places are the cuffs (between calf and ankles).

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Simple tips on how to finally get your puppy off the bite:

  • Don’t let the puppy play with your toes or fingers.
  • Gentle stroking instead of patting and avoid jerky and hard movements
  • Better start puppy training too early than too late
  • Howl loudly or say ouch and interrupt the game for at least 10 seconds
  • Offer chewing bone or rope as an alternative
  • Keep the puppy on a leash for a short time and leave the room. Should no improvement occur: Repeat this!

It is best to start training your dog in the first few months of his life. Consider what the little four-legged friend has got used to once, he is difficult to dissuade from it. Stay affectionate during the training, but consistent, so you will bite your puppy weaned. If small dogs play together, it can happen that one of them suddenly screams brightly.

The small causer usually stops the game immediately frightened. By such play interruptions, the quadruped learns to be more careful in the future. You can do it exactly the same way as the little dogs do with each other.

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If the puppy bites, you should howl loudly like its kind comrades, then it knows that it may not snap so firmly. Interrupt the game for at least ten seconds. Usually, the little rascal will put what he’s learned into practice and not act so crazy anymore. Before that, you slowly pull your hand away from the dog. Offer him a chewing bone or a cloth rope on which he can chew. Repeat the procedure and be persistent! Say a sharp “No!” if you want to stop biting your dog. If there is no improvement during the exercise, you will leave the room for a short time. The four-legged friend notices that he stands there without playmates if he bites again. The same would happen when puppies play together. After this short break, you resume the game.

What to do if the puppy continues to bite?

What to do if everything is useless? Maybe the little rascal is not interested when you leave the room or when you scream in pain. The dog nibbles at everything: If it’s not your fingers, then the calves or the feet. You have the opportunity to put the rascal outside the door for a few seconds.

If you want to give up biting the puppy, you can also leash him and tie him up in the room so that he can’t reach any human hands or feet – and no clothes either. After a few seconds, he gets a new chance. He is small and young and doesn’t know any better.

how to stop a dog from biting

Always stay friendly, but consistent! It is very important that you train your little four-legged friend a good bite inhibition. If he should bite as an adult dog later really once by a disgusting situation (pain or fright), he will leave usually no large injuries.

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You have to give up biting your puppy, this can be done through consistent training. In a wild game, even a well trained little dog can forget that he is not allowed to bite. Then it is immediately over and you leave the room.


If you want a puppy which is not biting, then you have to practice again and again and prove your assertiveness. A hundred repetitions and more shouldn’t scare you. The little one deserves it. He should one day become a well-behaved partner. By the way, children are not up to a puppy education.

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