Keeping dogs cool in summer?

The thermometer’s rising, summer’s finally here. Humans are happy about the wonderful summer weather. But think also of your four-legged friend. After all, dogs have considerably fewer possibilities to regulate their temperature balance, such as panting than humans who sweat a lot.

Read about 6 amazing products that will help keeping dogs cool in summer and stay relaxed even in high temperatures.

1RUFFWEAR – Jet Stream High-Performance Cooling Vest for Dogs

The Jet Stream™ from Ruffwear provides your dog with a pleasant cooling on hot days and counteracts overheating.

This cooling vest Jet Stream™ from Ruffwear was designed to give the dog a pleasant cooling on warm to hot days. The design of the dog vest makes it ideal for all kinds of sporting activities. The large zipper makes it easy to put on the vest. The complete chest and stomach area is equipped with a three-layer, soft fabric, which transmits the cooling effect ideally to the dog.

Very easy to use: Just dip the vest in cold water and wring it out. Now you can slip the vest over your dog. At this point, the cooling effect begins: the heat of the dog is exchanged for the pleasant cooling.

Tip: This vest is a very welcome way for all dogs who can no longer tolerate the heat so well due to their age, weight or illness to cool down. Ideal also for longer car journeys, if the heat accumulates particularly in the trunk.


  • the back part is made of very light spandex
  • three-layer breast insert cools the dog’s body
  • the moisture regulating outer layer facilitates evaporation
  • the absorbent middle layer stores the water
  • keeping dogs cool in summer
  • the comfortable inner layer passes the cooling on to the dog
  • large zipper for easy dressing and undressing
  • perfect fit
  • designed for freedom of movement

The Jet Stream cooling vest is available in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL.

2K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed

Cooling dog bed. Perfect in summer or for dogs with arthritis. Cools the body.

This innovative dog bed cools the body of the dog with the power of water. Thanks to innovative “Cooling Power” technology, the dog bed does not need any batteries or other energy sources, only water is added to the dog bed. The material is completely non-toxic and thanks to its washable surface perfectly suitable for house and garden.

Despite sharp claws and intense movements on the Cool Bed, the water stays where it belongs thanks to the durable nylon and vinyl exterior. Depending on requirements, the fullness of the dog bed can be regulated with the easy-to-use valve to provide the dog with optimal comfort.

Perfectly suited for…

  • Dogs with arthritis
  • Dogs with HD problems
  • Dogs prone to excessive panting
  • Overheated dog bodies with thick fur in summer

3Aqua Coolkeeper Pacific Necklace Refreshing

Dogs have hardly any sweat glands to regulate their body temperature. Regulation the temperature is only possible by panting and a few sweat glands on the paws.

At temperatures above 70°F, only a small amount of heat can be released. This increases the risk of heat stroke, which can cause permanent organ damage, helplessness and even can lead to death.

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The Aqua Coolkeeper Cooling collar supports your dog effectively with the regulation of his body temperature so that he can get through the summer in a healthy way.

It is very easy to use. The cooling collar is immersed in cold water. The Hydroquartz crystals inside the collar take up the water and merge to a cooling gel. The gel absorbs excess body heat and releases it to the outside. The evaporation produces a cooling effect.

  • can be used again and again
  • washable (hand wash)
  • effective cooling (keeping dogs cool in summer)
  • simple to use
  • cools up to 5 days
  • reusable

Dogs have almost no sweat glands. They can only regulate their body temperature by panting or perspiring on the balls of their paws. However, this can only reduce a small part of the excess body temperature. Therefore, dogs are at increased risk of heat stroke, which can lead to permanent organ damage, unconsciousness and even death in severe cases.

Aqua Coolkeeper™ helps your dog to cool down and stay healthy in a safe and responsible way!

4PAWZ Road Self-Cooling&Breathable Dog Cooling Mat

With the PAWZ Road Pet dog blanket you can help your dog stay cool with a small budget.

This PAWZ Road Pet dog blanket is self-cooling & breathable material cuddly mat has the best price-performance ratio. For a small price, it offers effective cooling.

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The PAWZ Road Pet Blanket uses a combination of breathable materials and a mesh frame to assist air circulation around and inside the mat. This will draw off the hot air more effectively, keeping your dog cool when lying on the mat. The mat provides constant cooling and never needs to be recharged.

The PAWZ Road Pet dog blanket is self-cooling and breathable. It is made of a cuddly material.

Main Features:

  • No electricity or refrigerator required
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Very inexpensive
  • Provides constant cooling

Keeping Dog Cool in Summer: Dog Toys for Freezing

5Chuckit! Hydro Toys

Just a look at a Chuckit! toy, is enough to excite the fetch-fanatic dog. The bright colors orange and blue indicate an adventure that awaits us. Chuckit! performance toys are designed to take interaction with your dog to the next level.

The hydro frost ball is equipped with an inner container that can be frozen and then slowly begins to defrost over time, releasing the water again.

Simple filling design. Silicone freezer included. Filling & freezing. The ice core melts over time and keeps the water cold and fresh. Launcher compatible!

6Multipet Cooling Bone

Multipet’s Chilly Bone contains a unique, non-toxic, water-absorbing sponge that can be frozen over and over again. Simply moisten the toy and freeze for 24 hours. Your dog will love the cool cold feeling all year round and especially in hot weather. Also perfect for teething troubles!


  • Perfect for teething puppies
  • Durable, long-lasting, reusable
  • keeping dogs cool in summer
  • Great summer toy that cools your dog while satisfying his need to chew.

Dog toys to freeze: the perfect cooling for your dog in summer!

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