Are you searching for a small dog? Here is a list of the most popular small dog breeds.

In order to find the right breed for you personally, you only need to answer a few questions in advance. Should the dog be a constant companion or rather a guard dog? Do you find it important that he is very teachable or should he be a dog to cuddle? Would you like to undertake long walks together or should the four-legged friend also be happy with little movement? Must he be fond of children or be able to get along with other pets?


All information is carefully researched and prepared so that you can quickly grasp the essential characteristics of the selected breed. Discover now my list of small dog breeds:

1Yorkshire Terrier

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The Yorkshire Terrier is small but very strong and headstrong. He should be educated consistently from puppy age on, in order not to develop to an unbalanced and unprovoked aggressive barker.

With loving attention and clear rules, the Yorkshire Terrier becomes a balanced and calm dog, which is suitable both for keeping in a family and as a faithful and outstanding companion of single persons of each age group. He is cuddly, devoted, playful and child-friendly.

The Yorkshire Terrier also has a courageous and self-confident character and can, therefore, be used as a highly talented guard dog who will report any unannounced intruder loudly.

Due to its compact size, it is also ideal for keeping in a city apartment, where it needs regular exercise because it is lively and has a strong urge to move. Daily long walks in parks should, therefore, be firmly planned into the daily routine.

2Miniature Poodle

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The poodle is against his reputation extremely intelligent. He is extremely suitable as a family dog by due to his outstanding caring, friendly and smart nature. Toy and dwarf poodles are kept because of their compact size and sensitive nature. Due to its compact size, he is also ideal for keeping in a city apartment.

The poodle is not only adaptable, teachable and obedient, but also very compatible with other domestic animals and small children. It is ideally suitable as a beginner dog. Handle this bundle of energy with a regular run out in nature!

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He should also be challenged physically and mentally through retrieval games or agility in order to promote his balanced nature.

3Shih Tzu

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The Shih Tzu is a small arrogant and clever dog who always wants to give pleasure to his owner.

He is open-minded, always in a good mood and knows how to make his owner laugh. This dog loves to be in the center of attention, to draw all eyes to himself and to take strokes with it always and everywhere.

He has a friendly and open nature and is therefore very suitable for families with children.

Keeping a Shih Tzu is quite uncomplicated. It is important for the Shih Tzu to be with his family and not to be kept in the kennel or in the garden.

There are also no hour-long walks necessary, he would like to be fully loaded – physically as well as mentally.


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Due to its small size, the Chihuahua is treated like a stuffed animal by some inexperienced dog owners and it is carried around in handbags. However, this does not do suitable to the nature of Chihuahua, as it needs at least two hours of exercise per day.

Although it is suitable for keeping in a city apartment, long walks in the great outdoors or at least in parks should be part of the daily program. Without exercise, the Chihuahua tends to become an unbalanced and aggressive yapper or develop other behavioral disorders.

If the Chihuahua is kept in a manner appropriate to its species, it is an ideal companion dog who is not only very affectionate, calm, loyal and playful but also has a pronounced guarding instinct.

Although he is suitable as a family dog, caution is necessary for living together with small children, since these cannot deal with the dogs’ sensitivity. The dog is very sensitive because of his small body size.


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The Beagle is an extremely balanced and good-natured dog with a lively, cheerful and sociable character.

He is a great family dog because he gets along very well with small children and is always looking for closeness to his owners. He also meets strangers with interest and friendliness.

However, his pronounced hunting instinct requires that he has a strong prey instinct, which only a consistent upbringing beginning in puppy age can compensate with a firm hand.

The Beagle was bred as a herd animal and functional dog, which therefore needs exercise several times a day and is not left alone with pleasure. Owners of a Beagle should, therefore, be able to invest a lot of time and energy in their dog and enable him to spend time in constant company with his caregivers.

Since the Beagle tends to overeat and overweight, a healthy diet and plenty of exercises should be ensured. Beagles can reach an age of up to sixteen years when kept in an appropriate manner.


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The Dachshund is a very likable and active dog, who has kept a certain independence by his past as a hunting dog. He is regarded as the pigheaded fellow among the dogs because he can be extremely stubborn if he receives orders, which do not agree with him.

A consistent education, that begins in the puppy-age, can compensate this slightly. He fits well into a family but is usually only loyal to his most important caregiver.

Unfair treatment by its owners punishes the dachshund with contempt. Respectful treatment of this proud dog is, therefore, the best foundation for a smooth coexistence.


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The pug is an extremely sensitive animal that likes to adapt to the needs of its caregivers. He is a faithful companion and suitable as a partner for single persons as well as families with small children. Even toddlers who move to him would never be confronted with aggression.

He has a cheerful and fun-loving nature and likes to live closely together with his pack. Due to his small body size, he is also suitable for keeping in a city apartment, but he is a courageous and talented guard dog who will report any possible intruder loudly.

The pug requires daily exercise, as it tends to be very overweight when not in regular motion.

8Miniature Schnauzer

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The Miniature Schnauzer has a lot of temperament and a strong character. He is courageous, cheeky, dashing. He has his own will.

His mischievous appearance corresponds perfectly to his inner values. Although a small dog, he is nevertheless an incorruptible guardian, faithful, resistant and persevering. He is curious and lively. He has a rather high urge to move and wants his occupation.

A miniature schnauzer has a low stimulus threshold and can possibly become a barker if he finds himself too bored. He needs to be busy with his people.

The miniature schnauzer is very affectionate and wants to closely join his owner. He is very suitable for a family with children when he has consistent leadership. It is an ideal companion for a single person – young or old – as well as for the whole family.

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The Miniature Schnauzer easily adapts to the lifestyle of its people. They should enjoy moving around in nature on a daily basis. He is easy to keep in the city even in a small apartment.

He accepts other four-legged friends as partners only if he was socialized from the puppy on to four-legged family members. Miniature Schnauzers are good mouse hunters but not hunting dogs.

9Boston Terrier

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The Boston Terrier is a mobile, temperamental and at the same time extremely cheerful, lovable dog. He is adventurous but not nervous.

The Boston Terrier is a pleasant companion with charm and character. In the USA he is therefore called the “American Gentleman”. He inherited the friendliness and affinity towards humans from the Bulldogs.

The Boston Terrier is an excellent play companion for children, who forgives practically everything. But he can also be courageous and very determined. He is very devoted to his family. In short: He is a lively companion and family dog par excellence.

The Boston Terrier could be kept in a big city as in the country and as well in an apartment as a house. He does not belong in the kennel.

Without effort, he accompanies his people on walks, hikes and small sports activities. He is happy about it but does not demand it annoyingly.


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As sweet and cuddly as the Pomeranian may look, he is much more than a pure lapdog.

The Pomeranian wants to be challenged, is very eager to learn, loves extensive walks without high-performance requirements and is sociable, which makes him the ideal family dog, even for older people.

The Pomeranian is also suitable for a city apartment, as long as you give him a good education from the beginning. He has a strong protective instinct and a big vitality, so he likes barking and running freely.

Without a hunting instinct or the will to explore his world alone, he is a reliable companion and partner, with whom you can be relaxed on the road and have a lot of fun.

11Miniature Pinscher

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The Miniature Pinscher is an incorruptible guardian, faithful, resistant and persevering. Furthermore, he is curious, lively and temperamental.

He has a high urge to move and wants his engagement. The small dog is quite suitable for dog sport, such as dog dancing.

The Miniature Pinscher has a low stimulus threshold and can possibly become a barker, especially if he is bored. Then he also tends to become nervous.

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The Miniature Pinscher is very affectionate and wants to be close with his owner. He tends to recognize only one person as the leader of the pack.

For children, he is only conditionally suitable. The children should respect at least that he is a small dog, with whom one cannot rave without reservation. He needs his withdrawal option.

Otherwise, he is very playful and above all good-natured. He is an ideal companion for a single person or a small family.

He can also be kept very well in a small apartment in the city. He also does not need a strong hand at the other end of the leash.

Keeping a Miniature Pinscher is really unproblematic, but who is satisfied with it, will experience a miracle; because Miniature Pinscher is nothing for boring stay-at-homes. This little dog is a real dog who wants to be active, preferably in nature.

12Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frisé is a trained human companion. Unlike the small terriers, who have only recently been retrained from working dogs to companions, the Bichon Frisé has known the tasks of a social and companion dog for thousands of years. He has no corners and edges that limit his passion to give pleasure to his family. He wants to live for and with his people.

The cute dog is a clever, curious and intelligent little fellow who always surprises and makes us smile. Do not underestimate the skill of these dogs. Many reports say that it is easy to teach the Havanese small tricks.

He is very watchful but not a barker. He is not overactive or even nervous. Bichons are of a cheerful nature and they love small games, gladly also with children.

Some people think about the Bichon Frisés as lapdogs and they see them occasionally even as “erroneous development” of our today’s society. But far from it, they have an extremely important function and a high use; because such dogs simply are good for our psyche.

The Bichon Frisé could be kept very well in the city and in an apartment, even in a small apartment on the upper floors. He is friendly to children and can easily be kept with other animals.

Of course, he needs daily rounds in nature in order to feel good and to fully develop his balanced, friendly nature. He likes to go for a walk and shows an amazing endurance. Otherwise, he is very unambitious, if he has his reference persons and a little-varied activity.

Merely its fur needs regular care so that it does not become matted.


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The Maltese is especially popular because of his adaptable, friendly and cuddly nature. He is easy to educate and therefore also suitable for beginners.

If he is not pampered too much, the Maltese is a calm companion dog, who is characterized by calmness and is always peaceful towards strangers as well as fellow dogs, even if he behaves somewhat distanced.

He is faithfully devoted to his owner and is also suitable as a watchdog due to his pronounced reporting instinct. He only needs a certain amount of movement and is therefore also satisfied in a city apartment and with daily walks in parks. Therefore he is very popular, especially among single seniors.

He also fits well into a family and is extremely loving towards children who treat him with care.

14Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an exceptionally loving companion. There is hardly another dog, which is so peacefully turned to the human being.

He is undemanding and suitable for keeping in an apartment. He is also suitable for older people.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has nearly no aggressiveness. Cavaliers are the most pleasant and gentle dogs.

At the same time, he wants and needs an equally gentle and loving treatment by his owners. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can develop an extraordinarily close connection to his owner.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a friendly, cheerful nature and is extremely compatible with other animals. He is always happy to meet people, even strangers.

Even if he is calm and gentle, he has remained a dog and also a spaniel. He loves and needs his walks in nature and loves to jump into a lake according to old Spaniel customs.


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The Havanese is a learned companion of humans. Unlike the small terriers, who have only recently been retrained from working dogs to companions, the Havanese has known the tasks of a social and companion dog for thousands of years. He has no corners or edges that limit his passion for giving pleasure to his family. He wants to live for and with his people.

The cute dog is a clever, curious and intelligent little fellow who always surprises and makes us smile. Do not underestimate the talent of these dogs. Many reports say that the Havanese can easily learn small tricks.

He is not overactive or even nervous. Havaneses are of a cheerful nature and are always happy to play.

The Havanese can be kept very well in the city and in an apartment, even in a small apartment on the upper floor. Of course, he needs daily rounds in nature in order to feel good and to fully develop his balanced, friendly nature.

Otherwise, he is very undemanding when he has his caregivers and a little-varied activity.

Merely its fur needs regular care so that it doesn’t become matted. Comb it regularly. The Havanese does not need to be trimmed. The grooming procedure can be used well to strengthen the bond between him and his owner. Already as a puppy, he should be trained to the regular coat care.

16French Bulldog

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Contrary to its ancestors, the French Bulldog is a very gentle and loving breed due to its crossbreeding with pugs and griffons, which does not develop aggressions against humans or other dogs. The French bulldog is loyal to his owners and easily fits into a family with small children.

The French Bulldog is characterized by high intelligence and an obedient and teachable nature and is therefore very easy to educate and also ideal for beginners.

Due to her compact body size and the rather low urge to move, the French bulldog is also suitable for keeping in the city, provided that she is carried out daily in green areas. With early socialization, a french bulldog hardly develops into a barker and can therefore easily be kept in an apartment.

17Lhasa Apso

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The Lhasa Apso is a vital, playful companion with a very friendly character. He is temperamental, self-confident, intelligent and clever and can even assume competences that only his humans are allowed to. Don`t underestimate this nice dog.

The Lhasa Apso needs a loving but consistent leadership. He accepts the guidance gladly and without problems.

The Lhasa Apso is a great companion, friend and family dog. He wants and needs a close connection to his owner. But he always reserves a certain independence and autonomy.

Keeping a Lhasa Apso of the Lhasa Apso is problem-free. He makes no demands on the size of the apartment. It can also be kept very well in big cities.

The Lhasa Apso needs regular grooming. Use the grooming sessions to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

The Lhasa Apso is a robust nature boy. If his coat is too long he could not run and see anymore. The coat also likes to get dirty. Keep the fur rather short.


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Since the origin of the breed, the Pekingese has always remained a pure companion dog. While it was worshipped in ancient China because of its lion-like appearance, it has meanwhile developed into a popular exhibition dog.

In everyday life, the magnificent coat of the Pekingese needs an intensive and time-consuming care. As a family dog, the temperamental and sometimes fiery Pekingese is only conditionally suitable, since he is usually rather person-related and a lot of noise or hustle and bustle is a burden for him.

However, he proves to be an ideal dog for single people, who like the Pekingese prefer a more leisurely everyday rhythm.

19Welsh Corgi

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Corgis are always attentive, always on duty. The intelligent, medium-sized dog on short legs is self-confident, powerful and needs a consistent education and occupation. He constantly questions the hierarchy of the family and knows how to enforce what he has put into his head!

The watchful dog is not over-aggressive and uncomplicated in dealing with children. An easy-care, wonderful buddy for the whole family!

Cocker Spaniel

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The Cocker Spaniel has an extremely cheerful and fun-loving nature and a pronounced hunting and reporting instinct.

As a family dog, he is affectionate, human-oriented and very cuddly. He is open and friendly towards strangers, which is why he is not very suitable as a watchdog.

Although he is easy to educate despite his exuberant and temperamental character, he can also be very stubborn. Only through consequent education, it is possible to let him walk without a leash during the extended walks, because otherwise, his instinct for hunting and feeling takes over.

He is very greedy and voracious, which is why it must be taken care that he does not become overweight.

Who would like to acquire a Cocker Spaniel, should inform itself exactly about the hereditary Cockerwut, which can develop the dogs of some breeding lines. This nervous disease, which occurs especially in red cocker spaniels, manifests itself in groundless, attack-like aggressiveness, which can sometimes also lead to biting the owner.

20Toy Fox Terrier

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The Fox Terrier is a typical Terrier: courageous, intelligent, quick-tempered, daredevil and full of energy.

Despite his handy size, he is completely unsuitable as a lap dog. He wants to experience adventure and be able to let off steam outdoors. He has a distinctive head of his own and thus little sense of absolute obedience. With much consequence and motivation, he is nevertheless quite well educable.

The Fox Terrier is enthusiastic, very curious and always open for new things. He can be very creative and imaginative, is often a real clown, and remains playful and active until old age.

The Fox Terrier is often fiery towards other dogs, also tends to tussle. A good education and socialization are obligatory if you would like to experience relaxed walks in with him.

He is usually reserved and rather disinterested towards strangers. However, he defends his people with fervor when he feels this is necessary. At home, he is a courageous and above all a loud guard. In general the Fox Terrier barks gladly and much.

The pronounced hunting instinct of the Fox Terrier requires a very good education if you would like to let your dog run freely in forest and field.

21Border Terrier

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Border Terriers have the concise character of a typical terrier. However, he is generally more compatible with other dogs and not as scrappy as many other terriers.

Border Terriers are temperamental dogs who do not say no to any adventure. They are enterprising and want to work. Every owner should know this.

Border Terriers feel comfortable in a community that can’t be big enough. He is a great family dog and partner of the children on the basis that he is physically and mentally challenged and fully loaded. He doesn’t like boredom.

Border Terriers are very suitable for agility and other dog sports. The Border Terriers are also available as therapy or assistance dogs.

The Border Terrier is an agile, intelligent and very affectionate dog. In short words: An ideal companion dog.

The keeping of a Border Terrier is problem-free. He doesn’t have any demands on the size of the apartment. The biggest challenge is his temperament. Border Terriers need physical and mental challenges.

Although the Border Terrier is a thoroughbred hunter, he can be a loving, gentle, leading companion in his human family. He can be an ideal play partner for children, as he is capable of every rage and at the same time robust enough to put away a child’s clumsiness. Basic condition is however that it receives expert education and guidance by his owner.

He is an ideal companion for the sporty active person. When jogging he can keep up without any problems, as well as when riding, his paradise discipline, or in moderation when cycling – always provided that he comes from a healthy breed.

22Jack Russell Terrier

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The Jack Russell Terrier is especially popular as a companion and family dog because of its lively and energetic character.

Because of his compact size, he can also be kept in a city apartment without any problems. He has to go out several times a day and has to get off some energy in green areas.

The size deceives sometimes over its character, because this small dog possesses a high self-confidence and is regarded as extremely smart. Therefore, people who call him a lap dog are completely wrong.

The Jack Russell Terrier was bred as a working dog and needs mental and physical workload. He enjoys varied excursions in nature and is an ideal companion for people who like to be active in their leisure time.

The Jack Russell Terrier is also an excellent watchdog because he is fearless and has a strong protective and reporting instinct.


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