Pekingese are compact, unbelievable fluffy and full of love. When you look at their little flattened noses, you’ll know they’re the cutest addition to a family. Pekes may be tiny, but they have so much personality in their little bodies.

Here are some interesting facts about this enchanting little ball of fluff.

1Pekingese are Small But Courageous

Pekingese are often described as brave little dogs. It is not uncommon for this dog to assume the role of the guardian in the family. Isn’t that wonderful? This little dog, who doesn’t even reach the knee, is brave enough to protect and defend you.

Optically the small Pekingese with his soft fur and his short nose does not resemble the wolf. Nevertheless, they are genetically very close to wolves.

2Pekingese are Difficult to Train

Pekingese are usually very stubborn and proud. Training these puppies is definitely a difficult task – but not an impossible one. Pekingese often think they are in charge, and if they are trained too hard, they will fight back.

3Pekingese Think They are the Boss

As I said, they are the guardians and are not afraid of self-defense. Apart from treating their people possessively, Pekes are very strong-willed. They also require consistent training so that they know who is the boss.

4Pekingese are not Exactly Child-Friendly

Unlike pugs, Pekingese are not ideal for families with small children. This breed may not like to be peaked and pulled by the tail. Pekingese will defend themselves. It is therefore important to observe the Pekingese carefully when dealing with children. Of course, a Peke can also play with small children, if you train him well!

5Pekingese are Perfect for Apartments

Pekingese are small and do not need much space. A garden is not necessary for them either. They are rather not so active and therefore neither outdoor dogs.

6Pekingese Make a Lot of Noise

Pekingese tend to bark a lot. They also growl and sniff because of their short nose. While some people find this behavior adorable, others may be a bit confused.

7Pekingese are Tiny Guarddogs

Believe it or not, Pekingese were actually small guard dogs for the Chinese royal family. They were bred that they were small enough to fit into huge sleeves of the old Chinese clothes. The Pekingese jumped out of their sleeves and began to bark to fight off threats. Although these dogs are small, they can have an impetuous attitude.

8Pekingese Can Easily Become Overweight

As with many small dogs, nutrition is incredibly important. Pekes are robust, but they are not meant to be fat. There are many tips on how to feed your puppy properly.

Tip: Feed at certain times of the day instead of leaving the food bowl permanently available.

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9Pekingese SHED a LOT

A look at the beautiful long coat of this lovely dog will tell you that he loses a lot of coat. Pekingese are for those who agree to always have a lint roller handy and occasionally leave the house with dog fur on the blouse.

10Pekingese Require a Lot of Coat Care

Bild von alohafamily1 auf Pixabay

It is recommended that you brush your Pekingese daily to avoid matted fur. Similar to pugs, it is important to clean the facial wrinkles of your peke. With such a beautiful coat and the cute face, the intensive grooming is definitely worth it.

11Pekingese Can Weigh Less Than 6 Pounds

Pekingese typically weigh 8-10 pounds, but they can get even smaller! Puppies of this breed that weigh less than 6 pounds are known as “Sleeve Pekingese”. This type of Pekingese was especially popular during the development of the breed in China.

12Pekingese Do not Deal Well With Heat

Like all short-nosed dogs, Pekes don’t get along well with heat. They should not stand in the heat for long periods of time and their noses must always stay wet! Avoiding heat stroke is crucial for your puppy!

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13In Former Times Pekingese Were Rare and Royal

Bild von cortez13 auf Pixabay

The first written records of Pekingese date back to the 8th century during the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese royal dynasties loved their little lion dogs, and Pekingese breeders tried to infuse Buddhist values into their animals. The dogs were expected to look and behave exactly like the ideal Pekingese of earlier generations.

In fact, there are stories of Pekingese being smuggled out of China. In ancient China, they were also generally regarded as royal “lion dogs”. No wonder that they have such a high and dignified attitude – if I were royal, I would be just as much afraid of them as I am of them.

14According to a Legend, Pekingese Are Part Lion

According to Chinese legend, the Pekingese is the result of a passionate love affair between a lion and a Marmoset monkey. When the lion fell in love with his Marmoset girl, he asked the patron saint of the animals to shrink him down to size but preserve his wild lion heart. This is the spiritual origin of Pekingese bravery.

15Pekingese Go Back to the 8th Century.

Records show that the Pekingese already existed in Imperial China in the 8th century during the Tang Dynasty. Chinese royal dynasties loved and spoiled their little Pekingese, and the breeders wanted the Pekingese to have all the attributes of Buddhist teachings and arts. This can be seen in books with illustrations of the most popular Pekingese.

16If You Steal a Pekingese, You Will be Executed.

Dognapping a Pekingese was a serious crime in imperial China. Anyone caught with a stolen dog was probably convicted and executed by law.

17The British Forces Began to Steal Some Pekingese

At the end of the Second Opium War between China and Britain, British forces invaded the Chinese imperial palace, plundered and burned it down. They took five Pekingese as prey and brought them back to England. One, called Looty, was given to Queen Victoria, who loved the little dog so much that she had a portrait of him.

19One Pekingese Even Survived the Sinking of the Titanic.

Only two of the twelve dogs on the journey survived the catastrophe at sea on the Titanic. One of them was a lucky Pekingese called Sun Yat-Sen, a beloved companion of Henry and Myra Harper of Harper & Row Publishers.

20Many Celebrities Had Pekingese

pekingese dog breed
Bild von cortez13 auf Pixabay

Pekes are great lap dogs and loving companions, so of course, they belong to many celebrities. Shirley Temple had a Pekingese called Ching Ching Ching, with whom she was often photographed. Elizabeth Taylor adored her Pekingese so much that she chartered a yacht to take her dogs to London. Joan Rivers, Betty White and even Princess Diana’s grandmother all owned Pekingese.

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All in all, Pekingese are absolutely exquisite dogs. They prove to be wonderful guard dogs in every household and are a good addition to a family. Like all dogs, they have some “unfavorable” characteristics, but for every negative score, there is a big advantage.

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