If cute dog videos are the highlight of the loveable experience on the Internet, what happens when you show off a little lion?

Viral eternity!

In 2014 a male baby lion was born in a zoo in Sri Lanka. But unfortunately, the boy’s mother rejected him. The zoo workers were naturally worried. They wanted to make sure that the little lion was strong and loved, and since the love of a dog is probably the best love, they decided to integrate him into a fresh family of puppies…

At first, his potential new mother was not interested, but, said the dog’s owner, Heshan Mendis, it only took a short time for her maternal instincts to warm her up.

“After five, six hours, the dog changed and she treated the lion cub like her own puppy,” he said. “She licked him and she loves the lion cub more than her own puppies.

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