First-time puppy owners are similar to first-born puppies – they enjoy the new arrival, but are afraid to make mistakes, and may even be a little intimidated by the responsibility they will take. Surely it is a big responsibility, and it is given that you will make mistakes. The key is not to reinvent the wheel.

Dog owners who came before you have already made almost every possible mistake. So if you understand where they did it wrong, you can avoid common mistakes. Here are 10 common mistakes of new dog owners:

2 Putting off Training – Common Mistakes of New Dog Owners

Common Mistakes of New Dog Owners

“I’ll start tomorrow,” you think. Then tomorrow comes and goes, and your puppy grows, and next, you know that you have a wild teenager with many bad habits. The sooner you start obedience training, the better – it’s much easier to nip a problem in the bud than to correct it later.


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