Raw food diet for dogs is it an ideal diet plan or a dangerous fad?


Dogs are descended from wolves. In the wild, wolves hunt other animals and eat the preferred parts when the supply is large, and eat every edible part when the supply is scarce. We estimate that it goes without saying that wolves, the ancestors of dogs, are about 99% carnivores and would only nibble on some green plants when they are sick or if there are other reasons to do so.

The raw dog food is designed to be as similar as possible to the dog’s original diet. Yes, it is designed to suit the carnivorous tendency of the dog, and therefore it is much better than what most people feed their dogs today.

A dog is not meant to eat corn or wheat. Just take a look at the dog’s teeth and the effect is quite obvious. In addition, the protein content of the grain is not what is optimal for our dogs. The commercial dry food contains at least 50% carbohydrates, far from the almost 99% raw meat that wolves and dogs need to eat.

Some people may argue that “Hey, dogs have evolved alongside humans for a few thousand years, surely they have adopted” Okay, that’s partly true. Okay, that’s partly true, but once again, a dog that accepts only what you deliver in food is not a dog that gets what nature wants. It could be compared to the inclusion of breast milk from an infant. The child will survive with food, but nothing beats breast milk. The same applies to dogs and raw dog food.

raw food diet for dogs

The feeding of dogs can be imagined like Lego: the dog needs muscle meat to build muscles, cartilage to build cartilage, bone to promote bone growth. Organ meat such as liver, kidney, and spleen is what green vegetables are for dogs. Dogs also need a little fiber, usually in the form of skin and hair and nails, but this can also be offered in the form of vegetables! Most experts agree that dogs do not need herbal ingredients, but nevertheless, herbal ingredients can be mixed with the raw food diet for dogs.

What Does Raw Food Diet For Dogs Mean?

The raw dog food – including all ingredients used in the recipe – is completely raw, which means that it has not undergone any cooking process. The meat, products, and ingredients are all in their basic raw form as one would find them in nature.

It is not necessary to cook raw dog food. It is intended that it is supplied in its raw state. So your pets have eaten in the wild and so they should eat at home.

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A raw food diet for dogs typically includes:

  • Muscle meat, often still on the bone
  • Bones, either whole or ground
  • Organ meat such as liver and kidneys
  • Raw eggs
  • Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and celery
  • Apples or other fruit
  • Some dairy products, such as yogurt.

raw food diet for dogs

How Do I Start the Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

Dogs that are introduced into the raw dog food have only very limited taste experience after being fed dry food, so they need to be changed slowly – one teaspoon in the first meal, two in the next….!

It is best to start with a protein source that your dog is familiar with and has no known allergies to. If you are currently giving your dog a diet with chicken as the main ingredient, start with a raw chicken formula.

Dog Food Secrets

Dogs (especially puppies) should always be slim, as being overweight is bad for their limbs and energy level. A practical rule of thumb is that you should feel your ribs with a light blow, but not see them.

  • Avoid nutrient surpluses/deficits by varying the meat selection as much as possible.
  • Feed fresh, raw meat bones twice a week.
  • Find cheap meat in the reduced aisles of supermarkets and local butchers – for dogs, it’s “best before not bad after”.

How to Prepare the Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

Place the minced meat pieces and the organ meat in the mixing container. If necessary, cook the vegetables until soft or simply crush the mushrooms / raw vegetables.

Now add one of the supplements to the mix: make sure they are raw. Mix well, with gloves or large spoon. You know what your dog needs per day, so pack the mixture accordingly.

Keep a bag of the mixture in the fridge (in a lunch box) and freeze the rest.

Wipe the surface with an antibacterial agent.

Items You Need to Prepare the Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Some Special Tips For The Raw Dog Food Diet For Dogs


Not all types and sources of meat are good for your dog. We don’t want to buy gourmet meat, but at least make sure you get your meat from reputable sources. Security does not end here either. You must also know which species and parts of animals are safe for your dog. Overall, cattle brains are not considered safe. A good rule is to stick to animal parts to which a dog would have access if it were a wolf.

raw food diet for dogs


Meat can become expensive in the long run, especially if you live in an area where meat production and supply is not so high. The answer? A large freezer and keep your eyes open for meat sales! Note, there is usually a special meat sale after the holiday, so go shopping on these days!


If you feed your dog raw, you need to shop in advance and prepare the food. You can easily freeze the food in batches, but don’t forget to make sure you always have a bag in the fridge for the next feeding. This means that you need to organize your time a little better.


Most critics of raw dog food say that the food is not safe for the people who take care of the dog because of the contamination problems. Sure, a dog’s stomach can handle annoying vermin (dogs are a little harder than humans). But hygiene and contamination problems are things we should all know and understand, no matter what food the dog eats.

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Feeding your dog raw dog food can range from $2.50 per day to $5 per day for a medium sized dog (25-35 lbs). This is not cheap compared to super premium commercial dry food, which usually costs $1 a day for a medium-sized dog. At first glance, it may seem much more expensive, but remember that you will also save on vet bills and all other types of bills that you will have to pay if your pet is not in good health.

What Researchers Say About the Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t so much research on your dog’s raw food diet? And why does the majority of the research you can find mostly advocate a diet that consists of commercially produced dog food? Well, the answer lies in the fact that about 95% of all the research you can find is funded by commercial dog food manufacturers. It’s no wonder they’re working on their own product, is it not?

Think about what you want to believe? Research based on several decades of commercial dog food and funded by the same companies that sell the recommended food, or will you believe thousands of years of evolution and nature?

Will you believe the photos of happy dogs eating nibbles, or trust your darling nibbling on a piece of real bone?

There is much to consider when you consider the truth about the pet food produced for cats and dogs. Surely we have given you enough to think about?

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