Have you already thought about summer safety tips for dogs? Dogs are not made for high temperatures. When the thermometer climbs up, many animals crawl into a cool corner and pant their way through. Since the animals have hardly any sweat glands, fast breathing is their only way to cool down.

To make summer with dogs an unforgettable experience, we have collected the ten most important summer safety tips for dogs to protect your dog on the hottest days of the year.

1Providing Drinking Water Around the Clock

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In summer, regular drinking is obligatory for both two- and four-legged friends. Provide your dog with fresh water all day long and make sure you always have something to drink when you go for a walk.

Water can also be enriched with electrolytes, a little broth or table salt. On the one hand, some dogs find the slightly salty taste delicious and are stimulated to drink more. On the other hand, it helps to replenish the dog’s salt balance.

2Create Shady Places

In summer temperatures, dogs feel particularly comfortable in cool places. Tiles, stone floors or a shady spot in the garden are just what they need. With the help of sunshades, you can provide additional refuge areas.

But be careful: even in the shade, you should not let your dog out of your sight. Even at sun-protected places the temperatures can become unbearable for your quadruped and lead in the worst case to a heat stroke.

Pay attention therefore to the signals of your dog: If he begins to pant strongly or becomes restless, you should bring him into your home and ensure a pleasant room temperature.

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3Summer Safety Tips for Dogs: Walk Your Dog in the Evening Hours

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A walk in the full midday sun can become a real danger for your four-legged friend in midsummer. Take longer walks in the evening hours and pay special attention to older and chronically ill dogs.

Of course, you should refrain from dog sports such as agility which are very strenuous at very high temperatures.

4Regular Refreshments Make Summer With Dogs a Highlight

A dog pool in your own garden or the trip to a dog-friendly bathing pond can ensure a successful cooling of your four-legged friend. This makes summer with a dog amazing! In order to prevent an overload of the cardiovascular system, do not send your dog in the heated condition into the water.

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5Cool Wraps – When it Really Gets Hot

If the heat visibly clog the dog and there is no dog pool at hand, you can also help your dog with cool wraps. Simply dip a towel or other cloth in cool water, wring it out lightly and then wrap it around the dog.

6Never Leave the Dog Alone in the Car

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Ignorance and negligence still lead to dogs being left in the car in summer temperatures and dying. The sun’s rays quickly heat up the interior of the car. Even when the window is open, the air circulation is not sufficient.

Doggy Dan Easy Way Funnel

In order to avoid a heat stroke or even the death of the dog, you should accompany your four-legged friend always to the fresh air.

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7Do Not Open Windows While Driving

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Many pet owners would like to do themselves and their fur nose something beneficial and crank down the windows while driving. Open windows create a draught inside the car that can ignite the dog’s eyes. Instead, you should turn on your air conditioning at a low setting to keep the car at a comfortable temperature.

8Coat Care in Summer

Dogs with a particularly long and strong coat like Newfoundlands, St Bernards and Bernese Mountain Dogs are especially affected by the warm weather. At high summer temperatures of around 85°F, owners of dogs with strong coat growth should, therefore, consider shearing their four-legged friends and giving them relief in this way.

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Always consult your veterinarian and let your four-legged friend be sheared by a professional.

9Provide Suitable Sun Protection

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Dogs with normal coat rarely get a sunburn. It looks somewhat different with freshly shorn animals or dog breeds without or with very thin fur. Sometimes also light dog noses can be affected by sunburn.

In order to protect the four-legged friend optimally and to prevent dangerous skin diseases, you should have a dog-suitable sun cream ready at best.

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10Keeping an Eye on Endangered Breeds in Particular

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Besides dog breeds with long and dense fur, also pugs, French bulldogs, and boxers are susceptible to heat stroke. These so-called brachycephalic breeds struggle with their respiration even in a normal climate and can get very serious problems in extreme summer temperatures.

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In order to make their breathing easier, it is sometimes possible to operate on the dogs. Keep a close eye on your dog so that you can see the first signs of an impending heat stroke.

11My Dog Has a Heat Stroke: Act Correctly in an Emergency

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If it comes despite all precautions to the extreme, you should act immediately and carry the quadruped into the shade. In case of a heat stroke, you must cool your dog as soon as possible. Proceed cautiously.

Do not simply tip a bucket of ice-cold water over it, as this can lead to shock. Wrap your four-legged friend rather in cool as well as damp cloths or help him with cold instant compresses.

If the condition of the dog has stabilized, you should introduce your darling to the veterinarian. If necessary, he can take additional measures and provide the dog with infusions and emergency medication.

If dog owners consider these few tips, it will become a wonderful summer – for dog and dog owner as well!


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