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15 Interesting Facts About the Samoyed

It is almost surprising that the Samoyed as a really beautiful dog with a wonderful character does not have a much larger fan base. Among the recognized sled dog breeds, however, the husky has now outstripped him by far. Maybe the Samoyed resembles too much to the boring Giant German Spitz, and is this too old-fashioned for the spirit of the age? Anyway, this does not harm the Samoyed in any case, because the purchase of a Nordic dog breed must be well considered. The Samoyed is characterized by a great friendliness towards humans and fellow dogs. However, his strong urge to hunt and move should not be underestimated. Also, fur care can be quite complex in the fur change season. In addition, these dogs can suffer quite strongly from the heat in summer. Now, read about these 15 interesting facts about Samoyeds you may not have known before...