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11 Incredible Yorkie Facts you Probably Didn´t Know

The Yorkshire Terrier is an intelligent and lively dog, which surprises again and again by its versatile character traits. With his attractive appearance and fine, long flowing coat, he has been a popular companion dog since long, who delights his family every day by day with his cheerful character. The Yorkshire Terrier is a very alert and vigilant dog, who announces incidents and findings of his family extensively by sound. This characteristic clearly emphasizes his belonging to the group of terriers. The Yorkshire Terrier shows usually no shyness with meetings with foreign people and also bigger dogs. In the opposite, he faces every possible situation or confrontation. Just this self-confident appearance requires firm rules of behavior and consequence in education. At the same time, Yorkshire Terriers also show great joy in playing, so that they are also suitable as a family dog. The self-confident character of the Yorkshire Terrier quickly ensures that the dog is recognized and appreciated as a full family member. Here are 11 incredible facts about Yorkies and the people who love them!


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