What to know about French bulldogs – behaviors, characteristics & more:

what to know about french bulldogs

With the upright ears and the short nose, the French Bulldog looks funny and inspires young and old. But this is not the only reason why the breed has been one of the most popular dogs for years.

These dogs are characterized by their cuddly and friendly nature and are suitable for families as well as faithful companions of seniors, singles, and couples.

With its cheerful character, the French Bulldog is the ideal family dog. The French Bulldog is a suitable play companion for children because it is very peaceful. But make sure that your children don’t see the dog as a toy, but as a living creature.

French Bulldogs do not only like to cuddle with their people but also enjoy to sleep in bed with their owner and of course with all other family members. They like to play the clown and entertain the whole family.

Due to their small size, you can keep them very well in an apartment. Nevertheless: The French Bulldog is small but powerful! They are courageous and usually not afraid of big dogs. That’s why they should come into contact with other animals at an early age in order to explore their limits.

In the classical sense, the French Bulldog is not a guard dog. But in serious situations,  a Frenchie will defend his home. There are representatives of the breed, which make themselves loudly noticeable if it rings at the door or guests are arriving.


If you are interested in the French Bulldog, read this breed portrait and inform yourself what to know about French bulldogs: nature, attitude, care, and additional interesting things.

What to know about French Bulldogs: History and origin

The French Bulldog is from France! Or? Yes.  Yes, but let’s start all over again: Bulldogs were very popular around Nottingham (England) at the beginning of the 19th century. Some were introduced to France by workers and first became popular as pied pipers.

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But soon they were noticed by the wealthy and aristocrats. Particularly the dogs with upright ears were extraordinarily desired – what was not liked at all in England.

The small dogs with upright ears were especially popular and were preferably further-bred. Other breeds like the pug and the terrier were crossed in and they are popular since then as French Bulldog all over the world.

In 1836 the so-called “Toy Bulldog” appeared for the first time at a dog show in London. It differed now so clearly from the English Bulldog that the French Bulldog was recognized as own race.

The French Bulldog experienced an absolute hype around the turn of the 20th century when the English King Edward VII bought a male French Bulldog in 1898.

… and where does the name come from?

Why “Bull”-dog? That must have something to do with bulls? Right. In former times animal fights were organized with them. The dogs were rushed to bulls to entertain the people.

What to know about French Bulldogs: Character and nature of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a small, muscular dog with large upright ears and a dull-nosed face.

Despite their grouchy facial expression, the small dogs have a cheerful nature and are very playful. In addition, they are characterized by a special adaptability and unpretentiousness.

The dogs have a strong relation to their humans and adapt to their rhythm of life. They do not like to be alone and love to cuddle.

what to know about french bulldogs

Train your cuddly fighters early sleep in their own basket and not in your bed. Frenchies love sleeping with their owners. The little rascals also like to lie down during the day for a nap.

It is very sympathetic that the dogs do not bark unnecessarily and are generally rather quiet. However, when a stranger approaches, the inner guard dog appears. The bulldog tries to protect his owner and the house, but does not become aggressive and can be held back well.

The French Bulldog also behaves very lovingly when dealing with children, strangers, and other dogs.

What to know about French Bulldogs: Purchasing a French Bulldog

What to consider when buying a French Bulldog?

So if you want to buy a French Bulldog, you have to pay attention to a few things.

The life expectancy of the animals is up to twelve years. So you should be prepared to take care of the dog for this period.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large house with a garden or a small city apartment, because the undemanding bully feels at home everywhere.

The price of puppies can vary strongly and is relatively high ($900 to $1800) with purebred dogs of the breeder. Nevertheless, it is worth paying so much to get a healthy and well-kept puppy.

You should also make sure that his parents breathe freely. In general, it is safer to choose a puppy with a longer nose when choosing the French Bulldog, because otherwise the Frenchies often suffer from asthma.

There are the French Bulldogs in the most different colors. You have the choice between the usual fur tones like black or white. As a specialty, there is also a Frenchie in the colors fawn, red-fawn or sable as well as cream or dark tabby. You should be especially careful with blue bulldogs. The breeding of this color is very controversial and the dogs are considered particularly prone to diseases.

What to know about French Bulldogs: Development and Training

The French Bulldog Puppy grows until he is three years old. In the first year, it is only growing in the height and reaches its maximum height of approximately 35 centimeters. With about 6 – 12 months the puppies reach their sexual maturity and in the following two years they also grow in width.

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The education of a French Bulldog is relatively easy with enough consequence. Even if you have to discipline the little one once, he is not indulgent and very patient. Don’t be fooled by the tricks of the cute dog and get weak.

Be able to resist if your Frenchie looks at you with his head crooked and his innocent eyes to get a treat.

In the first few months of life, don’t push the puppy too much. Even if the little one likes to play, protect his joints, and avoid wild jumps and too long walks in the beginning.

What to know about French Bulldogs: How to care for a French Bulldog?

Activities with the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is open for all kinds of activities – as long as it doesn’t get too exhausting. On the one hand, the Bulldogs want to play and romp around, on the other hand, they just want to be lazy.

Altogether the breed does not have an excessive need for movement. The French Bulldog loves comfortable walks and small exercises.

what to know about french bulldogs

Of course, the dogs still need enough exercise every day, otherwise, they tend to be overweight. From time to time it is even necessary to slow down a particularly playful Frenchie to protect it when playing to not overexert itself.

For people who want to do sports successfully with their dog, the little bulldogs are not suitable. Their compact physique and the flat nose hinder them considerably during sport.

Health and care of the French Bulldog

When taking care of a French Bulldog you should check and clean the face and especially the eyes regularly. The eyes are only little protected. Frenchies can easily develop conjunctivitis. Wrinkles on the face and body should also be cared for regularly to prevent inflammation. A regular control and care of the ears are very important.

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A healthy and sporty French bulldog should weigh between 8 and 15 kilograms, depending on its size. When it comes to nutrition, the French Bulldog does not differ much from other breeds. It is important that the food tastes good to the dog and all important nutrients are contained. You should make sure that the meat is of high quality and no unnecessary “fatteners” are contained.

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The bulldog cannot regulate its body temperature well due to the difficult breathing and the flat face. At hot temperatures in summer, the bulldog tends to overheat, which is why it should always have a shady spot and enough water available. It is also important not to stay outside too long in the cold, as the Frenchie has a very thin coat and tend to catch colds.

The coat is extremely easy to care for and rarely needs to be brushed.

Important: The dog reacts very sensitively to heat. Especially in summer he always needs a shady, cool place where to retreat.

What to know about French Bulldogs: Typical Diseases

Brachycephalic syndrome (obstruction of breathing)
Degenerative joint diseases (e.g. herniated disc)

Note: Not every dog necessarily suffers from these diseases.

What to know about French Bulldogs: Similar dog breeds

  • Bulldog
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Pug
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What to know about French Bulldogs: French Bulldogs as Media Stars

Even today some celebrities like Lady GaGa, Hugh Jackman, Ashley Olsen, and David Beckham are proud owners of a French Bulldog. Especially in social media, the French Bulldog enjoys great popularity. No matter whether cute videos, cheeky snapshots or professional photo shootings – everywhere you can find the small dogs. Many “Frenchies” even have their own Instagram account with sometimes over 500,000 enthusiastic followers.

I’ve picked out the best 5 Instagram accounts you should definitely follow:

@oscarfrenchienyc: the black-and-white male Frenchie convinces in every photo with other fancy outfits
@frenchiebutt: the cream-colored French Bulldog from the USA inspires nearly 600,000 subscribers with its faithful view
@heyhamlet: the black-brown male Hamlet is on the road again. A lot of pictures with his kitten roommate.
@french_bulldogs: Fan page for Frenchie enthusiasts who own, love, want, or admire Frenchies.

What to know about French Bulldogs: Did you know?

It is said that the French Bulldog sinks like a stone. Frenchies can’t swim very well or even not at all, because they can’t paddle very well with her short legs and her head is very heavy at the same time.

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