A puppy arrives at his new home. But when to start training a puppy?

The little guy is maybe three or four months old and already some questions arise for his owner: When should you start with the dog education? When is the right time for which dog teachings? And is there a certain time in the course of the day that is optimal for training?

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When to start training a puppy: Early dog training for small puppies

A puppy still has a lot to learn.

He needs to know where to sleep, where to eat and where to lift his leg. The little four-legged friend must explore the flat or the house including property. He must also get to know how to deal with people outside his new family.

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These are all important elements of a dog’s early education.

This education can begin on the very first day. When the little one gets tired, the owner puts him on his dog bed and caresses him lovingly. So the feeling of love and security is connected with this place.

when to start training a puppy

Usually, a puppy can find its food by the delicious smell fast independently. His toilet place should, however, show him his owner and this even several times. If the puppy gets restless, then the owner takes him to the desired toilet place and praises him extensively after the business.

It is important that a puppy gets to know people early on so that visits to the vet, for example, can run smoothly.

In the first few days at the new place, the dog should learn to tolerate strange noises such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners or drums without panic attacks.

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A further element of every dog education is to set limits for the young dog. Already at the tender age of three months, the puppy should get the first idea of what he may do and what not.

When to Start Training a Puppy: The right age for basic commands

Before the seventh month of life, the puppy has to learn too many other basic rules, orientate himself in his new home with his new owners and cannot concentrate so well yet.

At the age of about six to seven months, dogs are receptive enough to learn basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come” and “down”.

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Praise the dog when he has done something right and use this way positive reinforcement.

Take every day time for dog training, no matter what age your animal friend is. Play with him, go for a walk and make clear announcements.

when to start training a puppy

This applies especially to young dogs who are in puberty, i.e. from about the eighth month of life. They test their limits like human teenagers, see how far they can go, and then need a particularly consistent education.

However, clarity and consistency are not synonymous with hardness. Instead of harsh words and punishments, patience and security are required. Divide the education lessons into individual, concrete training steps and practice rather only briefly, however, several times on the day, each “instruction unit”, until your puppy controls it. Only then it goes on in the curriculum.

If you want to practice dog sports with your four-legged friend, which is physically demanding – for example, Agility Training or dog sports -, wait with it, until it is fully grown. Otherwise, the unusual movement can go on the joints, if the four-legged is still in growth.

When to Start Training a Puppy: When is the time for training?

Dog training should take place as daily as possible. It is helpful to determine the exact time for this and to keep to this time.

An adult dog can usually easily be conditioned to a daily routine, which is crucial for the training. Only if a dog participates concentrated, the training will be successful.

If a puppy or a cheerful young dog is raving in the garden or busy with his toys, then it is the wrong time for a training unit. Also, dog training does not work if a dog is tired or hungry.

A species-appropriate dog education succeeds only if the dog owner catches the right time for it.

It is worthwhile to teach some elements as early as possible. Then the living together with the four-legged friend becomes fun for humans and animal.

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when to start training a puppy


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