The Yorkshire Terrier is an intelligent and lively dog, which surprises again and again by its versatile character traits. With his attractive appearance and fine, long flowing coat, he has been a popular companion dog since long, who delights his family every day by day with his cheerful character.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a very alert and vigilant dog, who announces incidents and findings of his family extensively by sound. This characteristic clearly emphasizes his belonging to the group of terriers.

The Yorkshire Terrier shows usually no shyness with meetings with foreign people and also bigger dogs. In the opposite, he faces every possible situation or confrontation. Just this self-confident appearance requires firm rules of behavior and consequence in education.

At the same time, Yorkshire Terriers also show great joy in playing, so that they are also suitable as a family dog. The self-confident character of the Yorkshire Terrier quickly ensures that the dog is recognized and appreciated as a full family member.

Here are 11 incredible facts about Yorkies and the people who love them!

1Yorkie Facts: Yorkies are One of the Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World

yorkie facts

The Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie for short) is the 6th most popular dog breed in the USA. The Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Beagle, and Bulldog make the list before the Yorkie.

Yorkies are the most popular breed of all “toy” dogs and can live between 13 and 16 years.

2Yorkie Facts: Yorkies Have Often Made Records for the Smallest Dog

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The smallest dog on the list is a Yorkie named Sylvia. She was only 2.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches long and weighed only 4 ounces. Unfortunately, she died shortly after her second birthday in 1945.

3Yorkie Facts: The Yorkie’s Coat Has a Similar Texture to Human Hair

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Yorkies are known for their long, flowing, silky coat that swings around the exhibition ring. But this beautiful function is also incredibly time-consuming to maintain. Because the coat resembles human hair, it knots itself into nodules if the owner doesn’t brush it every day (it can also break easily if you brush it against the rug at home).

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The bonus is that Yorkies have no undercoat, so their fur doesn’t lose more than your hair. Many breeders recommend that owners keep their pet Yorkies in a “puppy cut” that is short and easy to groom.

4Yorkie Facts: Yorkies are the “Tomboy Toy”


Don’t be fooled by the tiny stature of this toy race – they are five to seven pounds of pure Tomboy. This courageous personality has earned the Yorkie the nickname “The tomboy toy”.

The breed standard refers to the trust and courage of the breed and says: “The high head of the dog and its self-confident nature should give the appearance of strength and complacency.

These qualities make Yorkshire Terriers suitable for everything from dog sport, agility, and therapy work to great travel companions and family dogs.

5Yorkie Facts: Yorkies Make Funny Noises

Yorkshire Terriers are particularly susceptible to throat gag reflexes or inverted sneezing. Instead of sneezing like a normal nose, dogs gasp for air and make a horn sound like a goose.

These noises are somewhat disturbing, but ultimately harmless and disappear after a few minutes. They are usually caused by irritants such as pollen, dust, detergents, and perfumes.

6Yorkie Facts: A Yorkshire Terrier lived in the White House

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President Richard Nixon held a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet at the White House during his tenure. Pasha was one of three dog companions, but Pasha was the favorite of Trisha, one of President Nixon’s daughters.

Pasha’s best dog friend was King Timahoe, an Irish setter. The two were inseparable, despite their different size. When Trisha married, Pasha and his friends stood guard, adorned with flowers, to celebrate the occasion.

Pasha was so loved by the entire Nixon family that a children’s story by Julie Nixon entitled Pasha Passes By was written about a day of action in the White House.

7Yorkie Facts: A Yorkie Was a War Hero

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When the American soldier Bill Wynne found a Yorkshire Terrier in a foxhole during World War II, he called her Smoky and took her with him. The two traveled through New Guinea, and Smoky soon began to help with the warfare.

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Thanks to her small size and obedience, she was able to walk under a former Japanese runway through pipes and cords. Without her help, the soldiers would have had to dig trenches and expose themselves to enemy fire.

Smoky also traveled to hospitals throughout the Pacific and the United States and worked as a therapy dog for injured soldiers. After the war, she went with Wynne to Hollywood, where she appeared in various television programs. You can visit a memorial dedicated to her where she died in Cleveland, Ohio.

8Yorkie Facts: Yorkshire Terriers are Popular with Celebrities

NFL star Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen had a Yorkie named Vida (died October 5, 2012).

Hilary Duff has a Yorkie named Jak, which was apparently a gift from an ex-boyfriend.

Singer/songwriter Missy Elliott is said to have paid $3,500 for her Yorkie poncho.

The actress Natalie Portman has a Yorkie named Whiz.

Britney Spears’ Yorkie puppy (Hannah) allegedly comes from an animal shop that sold puppies ground animals.

The actress Naomi Watts was often photographed with her Yorkie named Bob.

Paris Hilton made no secret of her love for her Yorkie named Cinderella.

TV star Kristin Cavallari loves her Yorkie, Rocco! Audrey Hepburn’s beloved Yorkie, Mr. Famous, was often seen with this legendary actress and even appeared in the movie “Funny Face“.                          

9Yorkie Facts: Yep, Yorkies are also a man’s dog

Really, Yorkies are great pets for men and women. But the former president of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, Cheryl Rangel, has noticed a strange trend among her puppy buyers in three decades of breeding.

She explained to AKC Family Dog that the man often values telling her that the dog will be his wife’s pet because he would rather have a “real dog” like a German Shepherd Dog.

Months later, when the Yorkie checks in with the family, it turns out that the Yorkie has better connected with the man. “It’s unbelievable. The men make a 180,” Rangel told AKC Family Dog.

Other “real men” who love Yorkies: Bruce Willis, football star Brett Favre, and Justin Timberlake.  Heart-throb Orlando Bloom is a pet parent of a Yorkie: Frankie lucky devil!

And especially from the recent Australian dog smuggling incident, Johnny Depp.


10Yorkie Facts: Yorkies may have been the inspiration for Toto

This fact will continue to be an issue among fans of Cairn Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. The initial paintings in the first edition of L. Frank Baum’s book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz portray Toto as what some say he is a Yorkie.

The assumption is reasonable considering that the breed was popular at that time and that the illustrator W.W. Denslow owned one. We will never know for sure, but we are sure that Toto is played in the movie by a Cairn Terrier.


11Yorkie Facts: Yorkies on Social Media

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Yorkie on Instagram:
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Yorkies on YouTube:
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